Thursday, October 06, 2005

** PARAM: pasar ramadhan **

ramadhan again.
i almost jumped in the car when i myself decide to tapau samting from the pasar ramadhan, realizing the fact that i havent went to any pasar ramadhan or at least pasar malam since last year. duhhh.. i really miss this.
unfortunately, to my dissappointment, reaching ttdi's param[param: a shortform of pasar ramadhan] was way jammed. traffic crawled and so do people at the pasar ramadhan itself. everybody's important dishes like murtabak or roti john were highly demanded, and we have to queue for this. i mean where got this queuing-format lastyear? after that i thought: owh, maybe because today is the first day. i hope so.
nway, param is still the best place to cuci mata, like last year. cuci mata sahaja a, no offence. not that i will go menggatal or what. duhh. regardless the effect of usharing another gender that made yanz goes mad, having finally eat something i craved since lastyear, with someone i love, did washed away all the penatlelah queuing and bergadoh stuff. and again, pasar ramadhan, i dunno what, but this thing is the greatest gift from god. i hope today i will get my kueh yg bulat2 bawah hijau atas putih ade parut kelapa sikit2 nama dia seriputeri ke serimuke ke [kot]. and bingka ubi. and otak2. and apam balik [eh-apam balik got ar?].

and i'm currently waiting for any ramadhan-buffet-attack invitation. kmon gals, nak gi buffet mane weyh?

eh, did i mention param is always a good place to jejak kasih? met intansafina [she didnt see me, i see her from far] and owwe at ttdi's param yesterday.

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