Tuesday, October 11, 2005

** missyoulove **

alamak alamak, i didnt realize that music is my life, my life is music had had touch its reader's limit.
huhhh.. i did plan in the heart [deep down in my heart only] long time ago that i'll put a gathering with my frens who read my blog whenever my reader's stats reach 10,000. [10038 at this post]
ehehe sounds poyo, but i want lah.
cemane ek?
and i'll close this blog after reaching 10,000. [kononnye]
but, seeing this as a new way to express my unsatisfactory or to express kejiwangan tahap koyan yg kdg2 malu tuh nak ckp dedepan, i decide to close later lah.
mari kawan2 kite gi bukak puasa samasama mari ;;)

mood of the moment:miss you
song of the moment:silverchair - miss you love
i wanna be: urm.. kuat daya engatan.

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