Friday, September 30, 2005

** hilangkanku **

hepi betdey dewd!~

mood of the moment:istikharah.
song of the moment:amy search - [budak belakang eja pasang kaset dia nihh]
i wanna be: by the beach. white sands. with zero moment inside the head. i really need a break.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

** saya sudah talarat **

1. happy betdey peachy!~and happy engagement day too.

2. saye telah tidak suka beberapa ketol wanita :-"
[eeee geramnyeeee kat popan2 gedik! pis :-"]

3. welcome back trex lond zahar. [bile sebenanyeh weh? tatau exact date]

4. saye belom makan satey k4jang :((

5. addicted to cheesecake semula.. tolong bang berahem tolong!!! saye berase seperti sudah naik kilo-kiloan.

6. saye tidak tawu bagaimana nak mencocok duit bank natwest (UK) kat sinih :(((((... cemane ek? bukankah dia ade maestro maka boleh dicocok dimanamana sahaja?

7. saye tatawu AP saye valid sampai bile. anybody has the idea?

8. apsal currency exchange rate tgh suxx?? saye tgh mesken nih :((.. 6.78 sepound yg paling mahal saya terjumpa. bila nak naik 7.3 nih??

mood of the moment: panas lagi
song of the moment: peterpan - semua tentang kita
i wanna be: rich

Friday, September 16, 2005

** stressed **

1. thanx lond, trex, zahar, imah, naiza and others coincedentally/un sending us at heathrow, london.
dunweri about the hand luggage: they wont timbang that.

2. the 12hours flight was ok compared to kl-london journey last year. last year we cant sleep and finished all movies termasoklah kuliah cinta yg keji tuh, but this time i managed to finish one only and the rest, i sleep.

3. 'PANAS!~' the first word went out from my mouth upon arriving. [i wear this jacket nih kot tuh psl panashh] and a few minah betudung merah with uniform kaler putih situh mmg harus ngumpat aku secara nak kasi dgr kat situh kan! cilake gile.
and then when my hand luggage jatuh, a few mamat kawan2 minah tudung merah nih gelak secara aku wajib dgr dr jauh! cilake lagi sekali kepade korang!.

4. thanx those waiting in KLIA:
-mak and ayah and banglang : thousand muahhh. sejuk kembali kepanasan di pintu ketebang tadi.
-paklang and wife and mentua and anak2 : huhuk terignore sbb guek mmg lebih suke layan kawan2.
-e'ja, o'a and minyak : the terbaik!~ these people send me last year, the same fetch me this year.. rase mcm nak kawen ngan korang [exception to minyak].
-sid : yg temankan a.k.a penyelamat yance, yg begidu peramah menglayan my ayah and then e'ja was like " chep4h, sape sebenonye boipren ko nih? :D"
-yance with the bouquet of roses. huhukk thanx sangat awak.. terkemamaaa sebentar disituh. seriyesli i stumbled when i saw him with the flowers, catched e'ja and o'a and was like "aku nak buat ape nih??"
and yance was like "malu awak, since kat parking tadi org pandang mcm : muke cem ganas tapi bawak bunge"
and we all went having dinner at nilai. thanx minyak for belanja a bit.

4. once again, im suffering jetlagg. duhhhh. kinda jealous looking at their faces sleeping calmly while me struggling, watching the same vclips @hitztv and today is the 5th day i cant sleep, i slept after 9am in the morning and that is so tak puas sbb panas!~

5. watched janji joni yesterday, [butoh cite melayu, tapi gol and gincu dah takde], eat kfc, mango blended, nasi ayam chicken rice, waffle.. satey k4jang terbatal: semorg bz.. waiting for mangsa.. ada sapa mau gi makan satey kah?

6. heavennye idop tayah keje cennih, tapi sampai bila? i cant really go everywhere sesuketi at this age, mom keep asking. duh. lagipon i have no money. at this point of time, NAK KEJE SKANG GAK!
tapi malas gak.. mals malas.
[saya harap ada keje dtg begolek2 gedebong kepintu rumah saye, amin]


mood of the moment:huwaaa, cannot sleep!!!~
song of the moment:switchfoot-dare you to move
i wanna be: normal.

Monday, September 12, 2005

** berdebar **

ya Allah.. selamatkan perjalanan kami.
semuge kami selamat sampai di Malaysia.

touchdown at KLIA on tuesday 5.30pm.
all are welcome.

Friday, September 09, 2005

** the day before the check out **

will i miss sharing the same kitchen with you guys?
will i miss sharing the same sink..?
will i miss sharing the same fridge?
will i miss sharing the same freezer? where i will announce: this is my fooking partition yuh beladiful!!! [when they were not even twice,but so many times putting some babi inside my partition.. ahheyyy~!]

i will miss you dear housemates.. will i miss.. i will miss..
i will miss waken up by the sounds of the other housemates overexciting about samting..
"she she maaaaaa???" or "me***!!~" they will shout from outside..

i will miss this temperature..
i will miss all the runaway condition at 10am each morning that got class..
i will miss going to school without bathing.. or even worse.. [not until the next day.. ]
i will miss drinking hotchoc infront of guys in fasting month.. [woups]
i will miss breakfasting during class.. with a lil bit of teardrops.. [sedih situh]
i will miss breakfasting at quietcentre [freely]..
i will miss ashtonkutcher the i-like-to-ask-stupid-questions in class..
i will miss the basmati with ayam goreng only..
i will miss eating sausages and burgers at the laziest condition..
i will miss carboots..
i will miss "mind the gap! mind the gap!" at the underground
i will miss the snow..
i will miss the frenchkiss everywhere.. [even in the commonest place]
i will miss the "cheers!" gratation after buying anything.. or "layterzz!"
i will miss the martyr-wireless connection i coincidentally encounter.. and ofkos i will miss you my Uni sresnet-brodben connection.. i've used the streamyx and never it attempt to be like you..

mood of the moment: :-s ignored
song of the moment: weezer- beverly hills
i wanna be: wynona rider :-o

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

** tru calling **

the moment i step back inside my room i felt the emptiness..
emptines kaplahotttttttttttt
my roommate had moved out.
and let's see..
i lost my luggage.. how am i gonna go back to malaysia kelak???
and few documents inside.. i cant remember, but i think my x-ray was inside that big-bag. few certs.
i lost my shoes.. tak mahal mana.. but should worth my pulau perhentian to-go-journey what??
and my selipar jepon.. how to mandi and berak dude???
i lost my bucket.. my shampoo, my bathfoam, my colgate, my stuffs la kate..
how to mandi? one week to go and all i have to do is restarting back the life at surr3y..
macam mule2 sampai dulu, takde selipar, takde barang2 semua..
i havent check my kitchen. takde mood hoke.
hishhhhhhhhh... BA ALIP BA YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
vavi laaaaaaa luuuuuuuuu.
aaaa.. dah abis geram dah tuh.

pssst: satu luggage 30inch bape pounds ek? demit i'm almost bankrupt.

mood of the moment: gerammmmmmmmmmmm
song of the moment: enya - only time
nak balik skang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

** kisah klasik untuk masa depan **

i was standing at the edge of sharp knife in that very time.
bila ditelan mati ammaa, diluah mati appaaa..

dear fren,
i am sorry
sorry for worrying too much
and sorry for sometimes trying to be the saviour..

im here if you want me, im yours you can hold me

mood of the moment: kusot
song of the moment: peterpan - mimpi yang sempurna
i wanna be: by your side. seriously.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

** if i told you this was killing me **

the first box is full..
the second box is full..
the third box is also full..
and im craving for another box..
gile banyak wehhh barang nak shipping balik malaysia!!!
when i tried to seal the last box, i heard this sound of children's song..
yu know this twinkle2 little star kinda song..
and ahh.. mbe it came from nowhere, so, i ignored..
and the sound didnt stop.. it seems to yell louder..
and i put my ears nearer.. mane arah dia dtg nih?
nahhhh.. from the last box.. and i was like.. demittttt!!!!!!!!
and there goes the digging part.. and dig dig dig.. the sound became louder..
manekah kauk! keluar kauk!
and finally, it was from this children's book yg terletak di bawah sekali!!!
this book was like kain yg sedap dipelok which i plan to give to my kazen nih yg bila dipicit disatu tempat nih dia kua muzik ituh..
aaaaaaaahh i have to pack again!!

mood of the moment: serabot
song of the moment: the juliana theory - if i told yu this was killing me, wud yu stop?
i wanna be: bewitched.. eh nicolekidman in bewitched.. wah mcm hebbat tuh.

** all of the stars has faded away **

cerita ini adalah rekaan sematamata, teda kenemene dgn yg sudah mati, dgn yg hidup ada sikit2.

satu hari awak tanya
awak: "arini awak nak makan katne?"
saya : "nak nanes... tatahann.. dah lame awak tak tanye saye centuh :(("
..saye nampak ade airmata bergenang dlm kelopak mata awak.awak: "dulu saye tak keje, tade duit nak ajak awak makan.."
awak tarik napas, lepas tuh awak tarik tangan saye dan berpegangan tangan..
kite jalan menuju kedai makan. saya nangis lagi..
saya : "dah lame awak tak pegang tangan saye.. mase tade duit table pegang kot:("
awak senyum nak nangis..
lelaki.. expect org perempuan macam nak mende yg sangat sukar
tapi all we ever need is only a big hug of the day..

mood of the moment: empty
song of the moment: oasis - stop crying your heart out
i wanna be: back