Tuesday, November 30, 2004

**sampai hati!~**

satu: boipren saye
dua: adik saye
tiga: kawan saye dimalaysia-suraya
empat: kawan2 saye disini di UK
lima: kosmet saye
enam: hosmet saye-the hongkong-clan
ye.. benar bangat.. mereka2 ini telah tidak cam suare guek:((..
my boipren ckp my voice rawk..
my brother tak pecaye thats me when i called..
when sue called she said: woi che pah.. ko baru banon tido ke??..
my rumet: has1fah?:-/ are u ok? wats wrong with yor voice?..
my hosmet: sgt baik ati kasi satu bar obat sakek tekak..
bbdak lain saparti tyres mengejek2 tiru2 my voice..
hakikatnye.. bunyik mcm rok.. tapi..seriyes sakek tekak dohhh!~
[owh.. tanak tepon mak dikale ini.. nanti die risau terlampau:(]

ituhlah kaedahnye bile makan ayam begidu rakos sehingge tecekik tulang..
dan dgn keras kelapenye esoknye dlm keadaan maseh sakek.. mahu juwe turot serta ke nott's game kat nottingham ofkos..
sudah dilarang keras olih yance tatapi ku ini degil yeh?
kate die.. guek sakek sampai demam2 balik dr nott's game sebab kene curse?
benarkah begidu? janganla begidu:(..

di awal kedatangan.. tamo turon coaster:(( sejuk berasap2:((.. l-r: leli,farah,me,pidah,lond

cos ive got one hand in my pocket.. and the other one is flicking a cigarettes..
eh.. is giving a peace sign [alanis morrissette]

bole tak bole? najis menjadik org tinggi?

indahnye.. mungkin tidak berape kelihatan yer.. :D bahase apekah guek sudah ini?

sakit sakit pon nak jugak menjadik pom-pom girls.. hiphip surr3y!~

tyres mengadun bola voli.. go tyres go tyres go!~

[part ni utk org2 yg bbtol kenal guek n kwn2 je kot.. kottak mesti agak takpaham lantas menjadik meluat]
ok.. final thing to mention.. i cried when yu called me sue:((..
[i don want yu to know that but thats the truth]
tak percaye.. tapi ini terjadi.. kau bersanding.. duduk di pelaminan:((..
lagu tak suhwai:D..
kate orang.. the rite man will come eventually..
dalam mase tedekat ni je.. sudah 2 kejadian sebegini terjadik..
both oso my very close fren.. but both with diff. situation..
kini guek rase sgt goyah..
kokohkah hubungan kami?
awak? awak ituh akankah setia sepertimane kesetiaan perempuan2 dialam maya ini?
and i remembered what peachy once said:
"i donno if i can survive long-distance-relationship..
bepisah ngan emil selame sehari pon aku dah hilang arah.." huhu.. terkemamaa~

mood of the moment:maseh sakek tekak:(
song of the moment:switchfoot-you [tribute to leli]
i wanna be:with you..lalala...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

**i never felt alone..till i met you**

i hate it waiting for my londri..
the drying part takes me an hour to wait..
so i stuck my ears with those old-song played by poor-mdplayer..
dgn buku yg dah basi kat tgn.. then came these 2 english... bwk botol ape tah guek tatau..
one of them bringing a jeans.. masokkan dlm dryer tanpe basoh?..
another one.. selambe bukak baju situ and masokkan baju die pakai tuh dlm dryer..
pon widot basoh...
now i felt some strange instinct..
tapi.. bwk betenang..
so then the-one-with-the jeans started a conv..
i was like bebuat pekak kunun kusuk bace buku dan mendengar md..
tapi kang takot die wat tak senonn.. so.. angkat gak muke..
die tanye freshies ek.. tatahu nak jwb ape.. ye kan aje..
patu.. diorg start wat lawak yg..
helo.. thats not funny..
dan masokla budak melayu ni dan ckp.. jgn jawab apepe..
and i continue reading.. and i saw waheeda..
i make this look:waheeda dtg la sini:((.. waheeda dtg..
and bbdak english ni pon sudah tidak becakap dan nak bla..
dan bile dah kua.. dari luar cermin diorg ketok2 cermin dan kasik flying kiss dan soh guek kasi flying kiss jugak..
and waheeda n me dodok terkesima lalu menjadik jom kite takot sesame:(

lalu..ini lagu kat mdplayer semase kejadian takot sehingge nak balik mesia

indecisive-empty decoration
I wake in the dawn to showers of light
Moments of emptiness surround
Floating away with auras of hope
But reality brings me down to the ground
What can i do ?
What can i say ?
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while, just for a smile
Just for the life i used to know

Where every song
Was filled with words of love and not of anger
Where did they go ?
Why did they leave me far behind ?

Cause i don't wanna be alone (Oh)
Living life all on my own (Oh)
I don't wanna live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations
Cause i wanna be with the people that i know
Who will do the things i do (Oh)
Making all my dreams come true
I don't recognise the shadows on my door
Although i've seen them all before
Because the only thing i really want is to be with you...

I look at the sky, it looks back at me
I can't hear the silent melodies
I know that i'm here yet i am lost
Blown in confusion by the breeze
Hiding my face, crying alone
I need to find my way back home
Back to the place, the wonderful days
Living the life i used to know

Where every smile
Was born out of a love and of sincerity
And every tear of everflowing joy

mood of the moment: nantok.. golek kanan golek kiri.. tetap takble lelap.. kesian has1fah:(
song of the moment:indecisive-empty decorations
i wanna be: back home.. hujan emas negeri org.. hujan ribut kat mesia.. bes lagi hujan ribut..hujan emas sakit kene kulit..

Monday, November 22, 2004

**the beginning is the end is the beginning**

suddenly samtin has happened to me...
as i was having my cup of tea..
suddenly i was feeling depressed..
i was utterly n totally stresseddd.. [krenberi's song]..
semalam i was with my lab-asignment..
dok lab sehingge cecah kol 1 pagi.. hehu..
selamat siap dan antor.. pfuf legaa siap satu esemen.. ade lagi 2 :((.. huhu.. sukar..
niway.. dikale2 tensi serabot wat esemen campo begadoh plak nan manusia-trojan..
terhomsik sgtsgtsgt rase rindu makkk sgt:((.. huhu..
sape ade baik ati nak bwkkan my mom dtg sini??:(
these pixx captured from recorded-movie during departure to london..

1:muahh oa:* 2:muahh eja
3:muahh maksu:* 4:muahh makngah:*
5:muahhh kanan kaklong:* 6:muahhh kiri kaklong:* 7:kaklong dah start kua sekotak tisu.. huhu:((
8:the tuffest.. muahhhhhhhh makkkkkk... sayanggggg makkkk sayeee:*:*:* 9:muahhhhh kiri plak... 10:ampon ye mak... orang janji tak bwk balik laki omputih..
11:ampon paksu.. 12:muahh maklang:* 13:ringgit mesia terakhir serah kat ayah:*
14:sempat tenok camera semase bz:-"
15: baru pasan eja&minyak membebel2 semase guek sebok check in.. najis aa :p
16:nak tunjok.. ade oa bersunggoh2 tulis my tagname kat bakang tuh:D
[pixx captured from yance's camcorder... so..pepahamlaa the un-megapixel of a camcorder]

mood of the moment:homsikkk sgtsgt:(
song of the moment: dr jauh kupohon maaf
i wanna be:back in malaysia..tatahan dahhhh:((

Saturday, November 20, 2004


i was arranging my photos...
decided to upload all old-pixx @the http://videl.textamerica.com..
and the all-the-latest @the http://videlcute.fotopages.com...
when screening thru all those old stuff then i found this old-pix...
yaallahh..kelakaaaa campo bodos nyeh

ok.. the story.. this is around 2001 i guess..
when gravitating around the bantal2-corner-3rdfloor-midveli megamall
[i like this department most esp those bantal2/pillowcases/bedsheets/quilts.. macam mak-mak gile]..
there's this booth by epson-people..
promotioning their latest epson-brand-printer kot tah tak ingat..
then.. they want to cubetesttryuji..
so then menjadik model-epson disitu.. adoi.. this is my 1st time kene mekap kot
[uncounted: those child's age berebut2 nak kene mekap olih those maksedare2]..
mase tukang-mekap tuh cocoh eyeliner i was like meleleh airmate.. sakek la bodoh!..
ampon.. time tuh i swear.. that's the last time i ever wear make-up..
susah sial.. wahaha.. time tuh la kan.. kesian tak same guek??..
nak mekap pon tak reti.. iskk.. cemane nak jadik pompan sejati ni.. eheheks..
takpe.. ble belaja.. sonangg je..
the worst part is to amek gamba kat situ..
ya amponnn.. malu siot..
and the output:gamba ni.. tak nampak sgt pon mekap..
nampak sgt printer epson tak bes.. ahahaha kejii..

mood of the moment:lapar
song of the moment:the used-noise n kisses
i wanna be:supermodel!~

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

**i du believe in fairies..i do..i do..**

i tried to remember the story:peterpan...which part i like most hah??
owh..the peterpan himself..hemsem sgt budok tuh...ituh la asek tingattingat part i do bilif in fairies..i do..i do...eheheks..

so i went to odeon-guildford with lond&taires to watch finding neverland...
duhh..boring giles..at first i was like sleeping all the way..
but its kinda sweet towards the end..
especially when remembering the part she died.. hehu..
yeah i'm lucky to have parents still alive.. thank god.. i luv yu mom n dad..
yaaa i woe.. when close-person to mine passed-away.. i'd felt the feeling...
i know.. i can say i'm simply oversensitive samtimes..
kate org pahang:cengeng.. argh..
i cried alot.. i cried when listening to others crying..
i cried listening to my bespren's storied about her-adik's 1st day at some school and her adik cried sebab mcm semorang makbapak antar ke sekolah on first day.. while.. die nih..tade ayah nak antar..:((..
she cried during the storying.. so do i..
i cried when listening to my boipren cried storying of how his uncle fetch him at a-boarding-school telling that there's kinda party going on at his home..
only to find out when reach home..
everybody's gathering and its his dad passed-away..
i cant help that i cried too..

like i always said:
if one day you feel like crying..call me..
i dont promise yu that i'll make you laugh..but i'll cry with you..
if one day yu want to runaway..don be afraid to call me..
i dont promise to ask yu to stop..but i'll run with yu..
if one day yu don want to listen to enibodi..call me..
and i promise to be very quiet..:(
but..if one day yu call and there's no answer..
come fast to see me..perhaps i need you... 

life's too short to be wasted to woe all the time..
so.. to those who ever lost somebody..lost enibodi..or even lost nobody..cheer up ok..
yang dulu..usah dirindu..hilangkanlah dari hatimu..doaku buatmu kekasihhh...

eyh..nih apehal melalot2 nih..cakap pasal apeje tadi?astagaaaa~
terbabas terkuar topik..mmg suke membebel..iskkk...
the hongkong-clan in this house tried to make the puding-roti..
patu terjadik puding jagong:-o.. wahaha.. tak ahh.. tapi.. tak jadik aa.. kesian:(..
asal aku asek silap kasi resipi ke ek??
rase dah betol dah..
"has1fah.. why is the puding is not the same as yours:("..
the-one-with-everyday-question-wheres-yo-rumet tuh ngadudombe.. kesian..
patu.. i made a choc cake for no-purpose..
mbe sbb choc-cake mase raye arituh telupe nak disimpan sikit kot..
so.. watla skali lagi..
and the hongkong-clan ituh seme taksob n pakat mintak resipi ituh pulok...
haros lepas ni aku bantaiii je masak apepepon diorg mintak jugak resipi ek??

[nak tenok bridget jones diary:(...trex ngan lond ckp this will be their last movie ere:(]
[eyh gamba raye dah upload byk giler: http://videlcute.fotopages.com ]

mood of the moment:rindu awak saye
song of the moment:the song in my blog:yance-cinta dua benua [samtin like that]
i wanna be:young

Friday, November 12, 2004

**berlari ke langit**

nahh..summary's of yesterday's
::i slept at 8pm for god's sake and i wake up aron 11.45am the next morn...
[ngalahkan baby tido sampai 16hours]..
its already dark when reached 4pm here.. and i was like omigod..
asal sini asek mendonggg jeeee..haros tido2 saluuu..
[the sky is always bluer on the other side - the grass is always greener on the side..]

::i had class when i breakfasting - the usuals - then ran to the quiet centre for free-food [winkwink]

::and then i go lepak at elly's room - yaddaa yadda..
effa & zura[of uni of manchester/umist] were there..
and we were like.. yayy.. haros lepak2 lagi..
sambil menenok2 konsert Malaysian-idol and AF2..
[duhh i miss those tahapepe+poyo times when we: me&yance, sue&olleh, eja&minyak, amir-not-with-nana,and oa haros book meja awal at mount kiara's place-kacang poll tuh untok menenok konsert final AF2 secare live kat screen besar..
macam takde keje pon ade kan mcm la kat rumah tade astro la kan..
niwayy.. bes pulakkan lagu broery-biarlah bulan bicara ngan lagu bob-cinta seorg teman ek? eheks..mesraa~ plisss..tak ske bob >:P]

::lepastuh..agak teruja bile leli konfess ade vcd cite melayu: berlari ke langit..
haross tenokk.. [agak2 kalo kat mesia tenok tak??:D]..
wahhh... make.. berkamponglah seramai2 manusia dlm bilik elly yg sempit..
astagaaa.. tolongkanlah bapaknye lembab la kan citer kan dan banyak la kan aksi tak terduga.. pfuff.. patu agak tak paham asal die pomot siti sarah gegilerr ahaha.. hehh..
tapi... mcm lawa la budak fasha sanda ituh.. sehsuatuh tak?:d..
[im not les]..
tapi ble la masok ketegri lawa2 after maya karen..
eh..suke suke maya karen..suke..

to all readers [bace secare sengaje atau tak sengaje]..
SeLaMaT hAr RaYa.. MaAf ZaHR BatN.. 0-0..
kalo ade tersinggung memane part in this blog.. atau from memyself sendiri..
amponn yaa..kok guek takdpt neng menyalami kaukk.. aduhhh..sedih bangets..
makan ketupat rendang lemang kuahkacang lodeh beskotkonfleks beskotalmenlanden kekbatik:D laksajohor seme2 tuh..engat2laa kitorg yg jauh ni huhukk:(

mood of the moment:nak balik kamponggg :((
song of the moment:maya karen - erti cinta.. uhuhkks..
i wanna be:backkkk...homsikk tauuuuu

Monday, November 08, 2004

**out of reach**

no!~ the title was so-not-related to eni-you... don weri..
we were in this Sat-comm-class..
and happened for the first time we sat in the same row with those greece-fella..
[we: me, leli n husna]and there this one guy we called-him with he-donno-this-name:jonidep
sbb muke die 2bijik muke jonidep seriyes cakap..
ngan rambot agak2 jatoh tapi tak seserabot jonidep and with his speki..
and leli is adoring him..kire mcm daye penarek si leli la tuh ek..
and then bile dah dpt dok dedekat tuh...
leli was saying:"yayy..heheks..nak tekel" <---not data-blogger-escaped-2="" data-blogger-escaped-:-o...="" data-blogger-escaped-:="" data-blogger-escaped-ade="" data-blogger-escaped-aku="" data-blogger-escaped-alala="" data-blogger-escaped-and="" data-blogger-escaped-anda="" data-blogger-escaped-bab2="" data-blogger-escaped-bayangkan="" data-blogger-escaped-bebelek="" data-blogger-escaped-beberape="" data-blogger-escaped-bedekatan="" data-blogger-escaped-bercerite="" data-blogger-escaped-besnyeh="" data-blogger-escaped-boipren="" data-blogger-escaped-but="" data-blogger-escaped-dak="" data-blogger-escaped-dapatkah="" data-blogger-escaped-dpt="" data-blogger-escaped-dr="" data-blogger-escaped-eh..uhoh..="" data-blogger-escaped-eja..i="" data-blogger-escaped-failed="" data-blogger-escaped-far="" data-blogger-escaped-gabrielle="" data-blogger-escaped-gapai="" data-blogger-escaped-gatai..="" data-blogger-escaped-gelak="" data-blogger-escaped-got="" data-blogger-escaped-guek..="" data-blogger-escaped-guek="" data-blogger-escaped-hailing..="" data-blogger-escaped-hand="" data-blogger-escaped-heran="" data-blogger-escaped-i="" data-blogger-escaped-ituh...="" data-blogger-escaped-ituh="" data-blogger-escaped-jauh="" data-blogger-escaped-jugak="" data-blogger-escaped-kad-raye="" data-blogger-escaped-kadraye="" data-blogger-escaped-kat="" data-blogger-escaped-kedepan="" data-blogger-escaped-ketol="" data-blogger-escaped-koranggg..lebih="" data-blogger-escaped-kos..ee..jelesnyeh..ehehek..="" data-blogger-escaped-la="" data-blogger-escaped-lagu="" data-blogger-escaped-laughing="" data-blogger-escaped-like="" data-blogger-escaped-luv="" data-blogger-escaped-macam="" data-blogger-escaped-mase="" data-blogger-escaped-mcm="" data-blogger-escaped-my="" data-blogger-escaped-n="" data-blogger-escaped-nak="" data-blogger-escaped-ngan="" data-blogger-escaped-oa..ewahh..les="" data-blogger-escaped-of="" data-blogger-escaped-org2="" data-blogger-escaped-out="" data-blogger-escaped-plak..="" data-blogger-escaped-reach...so="" data-blogger-escaped-reception="" data-blogger-escaped-sampai="" data-blogger-escaped-samtin="" data-blogger-escaped-sayang="" data-blogger-escaped-saying="" data-blogger-escaped-sbb="" data-blogger-escaped-sesuatu="" data-blogger-escaped-sgt="" data-blogger-escaped-stret-fowed="" data-blogger-escaped-surat="" data-blogger-escaped-tadi="" data-blogger-escaped-tak="" data-blogger-escaped-takot..="" data-blogger-escaped-tapi="" data-blogger-escaped-tenah="" data-blogger-escaped-that..="" data-blogger-escaped-that="" data-blogger-escaped-they="" data-blogger-escaped-this:="" data-blogger-escaped-tindakan="" data-blogger-escaped-tipu...="" data-blogger-escaped-tipu="" data-blogger-escaped-undergrad="" data-blogger-escaped-was="" data-blogger-escaped-we="" data-blogger-escaped-well..niwayy..i="" data-blogger-escaped-were="" data-blogger-escaped-with="" data-blogger-escaped-yayyy...i="" data-blogger-escaped-yu="">

salu kalo ceting ngan eja..mesti ade berite sensasi.. panas2..
tapi eja pon ske nak rahsie2..wenciii...
ceting ngan minyak salu die start ngan "apeciter ko chep4h?tengah gadoh ke tengah baik?"
siott je...
ceting ngan imah mesti asek ckp psl..kite nak tour mane ekk.. tour spain ek.. takpon.. ckp psl resipi2 nak try try..
ceting ngan sue die start2 terus membebel pasal die ngan olleh...
patu malu sendiri sbb kantoi sbb yg pakai id tuh ialah yance.. bukan guek.. n then dah lame tak cet ngan sue..
ceting ngan peachy/nana/oa ske nak tanye.. chep4h.. amacam study?? eheks.. malu nak asek jwb: guek maken lame maken bengong...
so..kpd bbdak yg ske tanye guek cemane study tuh... nih cemane guek study..
nih gamba lecture-notes.. tetap same mcm guek yg dulu.. ske menconteng kertas.. conteng meja.. conteng kusi... conteng tangan.. dan juge menconteng arang kemuke.. :-o

mood of the moment:dah dtg dah mood nak raye bile mak ayah men tuka2 gagang bile call lalu homsik pulak :((
song of the moment:gabrielle - out of reach
i wanna be:michelle branch.. die punye musim pulok...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

**you are my only one**

i loathe a band without a drum eyh?..tipu..
tapi mcm takbes kalo grup tuh tade drum ek..sehsuatuuu?..
non-referred to busted-thegrup?... eyh?..
im referring to our childhood-grups suchs : 4u2c,nico,msteen,a2z,elite,kru
i was with this damn-bored situation..
[happened frequently especially when boipren was with the online-game-watsoeva-demit-bluwek-bluwek->:P]

so then i go digging my mp3 collections..
the intention was initially to find those lagu2raye stuff..
but then i stuck at 4u2c's gema takbir dipagi rayaa~..
patu..fiona..terciptalah irama lagu ini..
then..oh daling i luv yu..uwawuhh[4u2c-laling iluvyu]..
[nahh..now yu understand those stetus at my YM:id yance instead of mine]
maka haros berlarot2an kpd a2z:kasih..aku..kegelisahan..menjalani hidop ini sendirian..ohoo..kasih..andai cinta terhalang..mungkinkah kita tetap kan bersama...[a2z-2jiwa,2benua]

duhh..i am with all theese tune stuck in my head..
and some shud remembered watching those performance at anugerah-media-hiburan-kot..
where all these back-to-our-school-time-grups bersunggoh2 perform mase tuh..
and then we all screamed in our head:
yaallah bbdak ni dulu gadis2 sunti skang seme dah kawen2 ni dah siap becerai pon dah ni [referredto:elite:linda dah becerai ngan keifli n the rest:abby,azza,sasha,watie-yg-dahtukaname]

owh soo the music industry went fast as we hardly remembered :
eyh..lagu nih..kite nyanyi mase talentime dpt no.3 ek pojan??
pfufff..now that im old enuff to judge a song..to like or to not..but i simply cant..
samtimes i crushed a song when first heard..cinta pandang pertama kate org..[utada hikaru-1stlove]
samtimes even after the 5th-round of the cycle..[byk sgt ni dah lame2 dgr baru tehegeh2 nak ske-im lagging]
samtimes after the watching of the vclips..[vit.c-graduation]..
[even samtimes became nuisance-menyampah nak dengar after seeing the vclip..viceversa]
samtimes i crushed the song bekos he sing it for me..or perhaps bekos he send it to me..or suggested it..[eman-i shut down]
samtimes by influence from besprens..or boipren..[dave matthews band-the space between]
samtimes bekos of my tablemate is spinning the music every inch time every single hour everyday when she was falling in love
[referred:sue-lagu when will icu again]
[not to mention when samtimes i became sick of hearing any those]
samtimes bekos of the lyrics..[incubus-i miss yu]
samtimes bekos of the element-used..[disagree-crumbs]
samtimes bekos of the rythm..the melody..[byk giler e.g]
samtimes..sbb dgr dlm kete..lagu tuh jadi bes.[eventho i had a bunch-list-of-songs in my mp3-collection]
[seriyesli..salu sgt terjadik..dgr kat kete salu lagu tuh mcm jadik lagik besh..pfuhh]
[n bole tak e.g:siti-bukan cinta biase hahaha]
samtimes bekos the song itself got the certain memories in there..
[eg:lagu dlm movie pertame berdeting..takpon lagu pertame in his car..example je ni]
samtimes simply bekos the singer is hemsem..[salu jugak tejadik][jason wade uuulalaa]
samtimes bekos it fit me rite..at the rite time..[most of michelle branch's n avril's n cranberries' n lisa loeb n oh so many]

enuff said..to sum it all..the uncountable-variation of reason..byk sgt kejadian tak terduga.. kekdg mcm.. i dont belong to that kind of music... that is sooo not me.. tapi.. dah suke kan.. takble nak buat ape.. [eg:broery-jgn ada dusta diantara kita]

so..here's one..the addictive to the love membawa guek kepade inin:

Dave Matthews Band -The Space Between
You cannot quit me so quickly
Is no hope in you for me
No corner you could squeeze me
But I got all the time for you, love
The Space Between
The tears we cry
Is the laughter keeps us coming back for more
The Space Between
The wicked lies we tell
And hope to keep us safe from the pain

But will I hold you again?
These fickle, fuddled words confuse me
Like 'Will it rain today?'
Waste the hours with talking, talking
These twisted game we play

We're strange allies
With warring hearts
What wild - eyed beast you be
The Space Between
The wicked lies we tell
And hope to keep us safe from the pain

Will I hold you again?Will I hold...

Look at us spinning out in
The madness of a roller coaster
You know you went off like a devil
In a church in the middle of a crowded room
All we can do, my love
Is hope we don't take this ship down

The Space Between
Where you're smiling high
Is where you'll find me if I get tickled
The Space Between
The bullets in our firefight
Is where I'll be hiding, waiting for you
The rain that falls
Splash in your heart
Ran like sadness down the window into...
The Space BetweenOur wicked lies
Is where we hope to keep safe from pain

Take my hand'
Cause we're walking out of here
Oh, right out of here
Love is all we need here
The Space Between
What's wrong and right
Is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you
The Space Between
Your heart and mine
Is the space we'll fill with time
The Space Between...


mood of the moment:gibrong[read:boring]
song of the moment:dmb-the space between
i wanna be:megryan the shopgirl..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

**perfect strangers**

dah kua kat beritaharian on-29th-oct-2004...baru kua kat utusan yesterday/today..taksure...akan ade lagi satu versi beramai2 puler..nantikannnlahh...

mood of the moment: i hate you
song of the moment: the used-noise n kisses
i wanna be:merpati putih...tak patah sayap for good.

Monday, November 01, 2004

**welkam to ma life**

nahhh..sampai juwe akhirnye..imah n owwe ke bumi surr3y..welkam to my life..
[read:blog imah www.silio.blogspot.com for further setori..malas nak menaip]

the next day..the potluck day..
si laily the spooky..beriye nak merase masak lemak cili padi..
i wuz at first:"seriyes..kite ni santan pon takpnah pegang!~"
manela penah mak guek tuh nak kasi guek tolong kalo bab2 masak lemak ni..
perah santan pon terkial2...
penah je nenek depan rumah tuh ckp gini mase guek nak menolong ape tah tak ingat:
"as..ekau belaja laa rajin2 yeh..dah ekau punyo kolobihan kek situ"
[dlm erti kate lainnyeh: takpayah aa ko nolong nih..ko pegila dok dlm bilik study..fuhh..sgt terhina..] 
sahsah mase tuh cuti spm ke cuti semester ke..tahh..
tak penah sgt dok rumah..dr from1 sampai form5 dok ostel..patu masok um..patu..keje pon kl..kire2 mcm ade dekat 12 tahun kat kl ekk?
niway..sunggoh2 si leli nak makan masak lemak cili padi..lalu..
kuusahakan mencarik segale santan cili kunyit...[tak junpe serai]..nahhh...bole je pon masak ni:

dan kemudian..mereka pon kekonyangan....

[left to rite:leli,husna,lond,purat, back:pidah --org paling ske pedas]

[pst:patu..adela kasi resipi kek batik kat budak dela ni..
patu..kek batik die betuka menjadik bebola kain pelekat..hehu..wase sgttt bersalah tak??
silela tenok sini: http://pussyfooting.blogdrive.com amponnn yer dela..:D]

mood of the moment:risau...manyak mende...
song of the moment:enya-only time
i wanna be:rokstaaaaa~!