Wednesday, July 28, 2004


sunggoh sedap makan ikan bakar...nyuumnyumm...sunggoh murah juweeee..
sesunggohnye...seperasan guek...org2 sabah nih mempunyai taste music yg agak besh..pergi dimane2 ade sejjaa lagu bes dipasang..
i remembered last time i was like intoxicated by the song dlm satu kedai cd nih...and i went there to ask the song-title-singer...duhh
dahlaaa my site was a hehari dok mendengar lagu besh..even samtimes lagu lame pon dengar cen besh..pakai obat gegune ke hape diorg nihhh????

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i wanna be:a supermodel

Saturday, July 24, 2004

**owh babe...i hate to go**

:(( :(( :(( :(( :((

i'll be on outstation the whole kotakinabalu sabah...
so..dude...yg blom dpt tshirt like the last time i went tuhh..sile angkat tangan..

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i wanna be:i dunno..yu tell me..

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

**demam hilang henfon**

hilang henfon sampai demam...gilerrrr!!!~~'re few pix at the lotr the trilogy..
kinda blurr...tapi..nak uplod gak..tak kire!!!

this is the crowd...nampak screen kat bakang tuh kan..people were busy packing their stuff to go back and have a sleepy-sleep...

eja & minyak bersalam2 nak polang dan pigi kelas yg tak pegi ponn...

o'a yg sgt basi bau bacin...

yan yg berambot beros-lantai

atlast..this is the only pic of hand ngan chop-starlitecinema ituh..jadiilaaa...:D

mood of the moment: demam selseme mukus mengalir wase masin..:((
song of the moment: dash
i wanna be:supermodel

Monday, July 19, 2004


we ran back into the gsc-midvalley rite after realizing the handfon wasnt in the handbag...
sesampai kat cinema12-seat number D19-D22...there's nutting left..
yanz asked the bangla-cleaner..
yan:"ade nampak henfon kat sini??"
bangla-cleaner:"takde..takde..situ blom kemas..saya baru saja kemas sini atas"
yan:"tipu!kalo blom kemas sini mane pegi bekas air kitorg..kitorg ade minum air tadi ade bekas air sini" x-(
bangla-cleaner:"situ sudah kemas..memang takde henfon situ juga..blablabla"
i was shut-up..i cant talk..i cant even think..i felt depressed..
i let yanz did the talking...kinda blur at the moment..then we went complaining..halaa..takde maknenyeh..:((sobsob..mcm tak pecaye je henfon hilang..
nokia 6100... baru je beli tuh..cun lagi..sedeyhnyehh hilang begitu sahaje..abisla segale mcm number2 account..matila nak mencarik balik segale buku akaun...nak mengumpol segale number phone..segale msg2..gamba gitar ituh..huhui
dah elok2 sakit hati hilang henfon..yanz membebel tak ingat dunia..
duhh...mcm ade satu batu besar jatoh atas kepale dushed! kedebomm!~
mati disitu.
so..i just shut-up.. yelaa.. i was the clumsy one.. abis wayang terus nak kuar.. bukan reti nak cek handbag dulu.. terus je kuar.. tah nak kejar sesape..
suke nak usha mamat hensem---ayat yanz..
dahtuh..i cannot concentrate half the movie..i donno why..
mbe bekos of some stupid msg or perhaps some stupid picture msg to be more specific.. watevaaa~ 
so..the title is my new number..keep it and msg me at the number so i can save yors ok...
no more 012-6179769--the pervert..
the newest 012-6158695--skek2 pervert ok...
[psstt...tadi festaim masok ituh twelveSI-atmosphere the club ituh...duhh..hampir pensan bau arak ituh...yaarabbanaaa...takot ok..]

mood of the moment:plisplisplis..kam bek n sing to henfon
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Saturday, July 17, 2004

**i kenot slip i kenot drim lasnite**

one of my bestest fren::peachy's mom passed away lasnite..
when i first receieved her msg..i was like..."kering darah"
pfuff..i donnoe what to say to comfort her?
i called e'ja to confirm..but she didnt see the msg then i called peachy..
after a few takziah & r u ok stuff i hang-up...duhh...i donnoe wat to say...
i think she'll be ok..she used to be the most confident woman among wont depress her kot...despite...i was the one feeling pathetic..eyhh??..

i miss my mom..mak..dtglaa sinii mak...mcm dulu2..bwk food..mcm zaman study dulu huhuuu:((...[takkan nak soh die lak dtg..aku yg dah keje die lak yg nak kene dtg bwk food]..apedaa...niat dihati nak balik kampong..malangnye..kete blon servis..almaklom dihujong2 bulan yg asek ader mekap-clearance+j-card day inihhh..duhhh...tolongkanlah...

so lasnite..i cant sleep..tah bape kali terjage..mcm2 mende pikir..homesick pon ado..tingat2 kat mak peachy pon ado..i did remember peachy's story about her mom a lil'..kalo Allah nak tarik nyawa kite..bebileponnn kite takkan tau kan..huhuu takotttnyehh...Ya Allah..panjangkan umor mak+ayah+kaklong+banlang+saye+semorg laaaa...aminnnn

mood of the moment: uhhh...homsikkk
song of the moment: i miss yu
i wanna be:invinsible...bleyy??

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

**berhenti berharap** [lotr movie marathon]

saturday-800am::ielts examination at british council..but i screwed it up!yup!and im sad and i don wanna talk about it!
saturday-3pm::reach home unsatisfied with the exam and feel exhausted and jumped into my bed..unconscious..
saturday-600pm::yanz arrived..with sid n jaslan...a few chats then both sid n jaslan went back cyberjaya..
saturday-615pm::we get into the car heading for the starlite cinema..tapi ade sedikit pergadohan berlaku..something to do with my past..[you moron!:p] made things a little late..
saturday-645pm::heading to starlight cinema for the LOTR the trilogy..extended version from 8pm until 8am the next morning..but i had to stop by my office to collect something..
saturday-700pm::met eja&minyak and o'a without her perak[--he went back kampong halaman] at ttdi..a few plan for our starlite movies..eja&minyak&oa will go search for some empty box to cover our cinema will go first to buy tix & book the place..
saturday-800pm::arrived at mount kiara equestarian & golf club..but the carparks already full..we had to park near the pusat sains negara which is across the hi-way duhhh..jauh giler menapak..then..had to carry those pillows+mat+old newspaper to put beneath the mat bekos of the wet-field..All the way up the field, evErybody were looking at us like what..and yanz will like:"pandang ape?yerr...kitorg nak gi camping..yer..yer...kitorg nak gi camping ni..nak join??"..duhh we were carrying those things and people looked unsatisfied..'beriyerr gilerrr diorg tuhh siap bawak bantal pelowk'..--i guessed they said
saturday-815pm::arrived at the field..the crowd was place to squeeze into..but fortunately we managed to find this one spot which was quite front and to the right of the screen..but..its ok kot..we can simply lay down and watch...thats the best place to squeeze to it or leave it la kan..
saturday-830pm::eja & minyak & o'a arrived and the movie started around here goes the lotr-the the fellowship of the ring..we watch almost everything eventho we were sleepy..
saturday-1145pm::lotr-the two the time this 2nd movie started, a few people started leaving and we quickly shifted to the left..centre a bit..but i slept almost the whole movie of the second lotr ituh...[accept those war-part and those legolas's ultimate playrole especially the part he was flying to reach the horse ituh..hiyiiihih..power!]..wihiihih..eyh heylow..i am not the only person sleeping..all of us were like sleeping..and i guess most of the crowd slept laa..yelaaa..especially with the weather condition which was so cold..eventho i did wear the jacket..but..its cold man!..
sunday-345am::the 3rd movie started around here and i started hungry but there's unsufficient food even at the stall build at the end of the again..kelaparan..[sleeping...except those part..itupon sbb kene kejut olih yanz ituh..]
come to think of it..i guess if i sum it all..i really watch about half the whole 3 movies only...and the rest was been given to sleeping part..i think yanz and eja pon same..o'a a bit tough..she slept for few parts only..minyak..i not living so i cant spy on him..hehheh..
sunday-700am::the end of the show and my pillow was wet bekos of the air-embun ituh..
and we went home with hungry-stomach and eja got class at 9am but she overslept until 12noon...
sunday-800am::me & yanz had breakfast at oa's house at vista and then we went back home having beauty-sleep until 4pm..the raining condition outside made it better..sampai satu tahap sbb dah lapar juge banon dan carik makan..pfufh...~the end~

[**psstt..i'll upload some of the pix taken there..tak sempat lagi nak capture..muke2 basi :D]

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song of the moment:sheila on 7-berhenti berharap the samarinda =))
i wanna be:beside duta wakakakkakak

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

**che pah the videL**

i believe the children are the future..teach them well and let them lead the them all the beauty they posses inside..give them the sense of make it easier..let the children laughter...remind us how we used to be..everybody searching for a hero..people need samwan to look up to..i never found eniwan who cud fulfil my needs....a lonely place to be..and so i learn to depends on me....i decided along ago..never to walk in eniwan shadow..if i failed..if i succeed..alis i liv as i matter wat..they took from me..they cant take away my dignity...bekos the of happening to me...


i hardly remembered wat they called me during my primary school..[probably just a simple has1fah kot]..
but i do remember stepping at the secondary school..i started the nick as HAS..yeah at was like most of them esp my dormates called me with the the time..i was like..petite jugak..143cm height je kot..soo..sehsuhwailaaa ngan name gitu kot..seniors mmg panggil has..[tetibe tingat kat kak yuyu..kak lin..kak sue..segale jenis akak2--dear has, blablabla tuh (zaman selalu dpt notes kretip2 tuh]]

my CS[college-sister---every new students (Form1students) will each be assigned with a CS]
she[my CS] is a popular back then..she's the drummajor..of the school-band[i was pushed to join the band but then..yu should knoe la the ustazah noreinee ituh---she's some sort of my sedara (but not near lah, my datuk sedara married her kazen (jauh giler kan relationnyer)), she warned me to not join the band because they'll be busy thruout the years..
so, cs ituh..she's one kinda tomboy..memule kenal at the registration..she's with the tudung..then..after confirming those class & dorm stuff..petang tuh activity bejalan2 keliling sekolah..[my family is still around]..she's with the cap..short-haired..tomboy giler..i was like:omigod..die ni pompan ke laki?tekezutt buzz-buzz gak mase mom oso tecengang2..sape ni?i bet my other frens pon wase gitu gak..fuufuuii..thenla i realized..wawahh..die ni ramai secret admirer..she's popular summore..terpaksele me oso being glemer..
"pst pst..awak cs kak asno ek??pst pst..has..bes ak jadi cs kak asno??pst pst..has..smalam awak nangis homsik ek?kak asnor pujuk ke marah awak??bes ak kene pujok ngan kak asno??pst pst..has..smalam kak asnor bukakkan bedspread awak ek??"..giler blurrrrr apsal semorg nak sebok2 nii??rupe2nye being in school-band especially being the drummajor is a kinda the centre-of-all-attraction..duhh..poyo giler.. as a HAS is a normal thingy la..some classmates just call me sif4h..[in fact..imah+mazni+monno ituh still panggil sif4h sampai la memule die dok vista dulu..weehoooo:D]
i donno when la..but one of my s.a there:kaklin[engku naslina..bbdak rumah topaz will surely knoe her..she's one of those seniority stuff gaks laa..geng2 poyo]..tak bes la panggil awak has..nak panggil che p4h..i was like..duhh??wat a name?ape kebende ituh??ting..ting...sampai kesudah..melekat name tuh..i mean until now..
1st day at thinking of bringing up a wishing for been invisible to everybody..kengkunun beharap tade sape kenal..tup-tup our fren yg wat parttime kat kementerian pendidikan inform us that 32 of us were going to UM..[ewiwan was stuck due to the economy-crisis..taleh fly]..deymn!~ giler ramai~! batch is 90 is one-third of the batch..haroslaaa berkampong at UM kan..tapi..most of them tercampak to those francais-thingy..left-out around 10 je kot kat main-campus..but then..the che p4h is knotted and i cant change it..
aderlaa a few..senior at 2nd college called me koya--kunun blurr/berkhayal tatau apsal
and few senior mechy panggil me stoberi--sbb mulut mcm stoberi? hnm tahla..

so..then..i decided to use my normal name when started 1st day has1fah..yu can call me has1fah with the full..nak lagi kacak..yu can call me has1fah 4bd h4lim..:D..but...[of kos there's a but in eniting]..aderla sekor colleage nih..named:fariq..he's uniten..awex die puler bdak UM..deymn!..the next thing i knew..pagi2 bute esoknyer..die dok lepak hisap rokok kat bwh ofis..hye che p4h!..i was like ignoramus at first..[kinda tak pasan]..tapi..bile step-in the door je come he knoe?deymn!~..sialannnn!!!rupe2nyer awek die tuh my fwen..bespwen to my ex-roomie at 2nd college, now..everybody in my work called me che p4h or atlis che f4h--those chinese colleague tatau sebut pah tuh..
garfield---pezal suke panggil aku garfield sbb tembam dem...

so, now, my name is either has1fah or s1fah or chep4h or cp

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

**cinta ituh butaa??**

yanz turon a few kilos...[hahaha kasito satu dunia ble?]
so..when kaklin ajak to yamchaa..i on diet..
they were like gelak..nicholas yg mmg ske sebok & menyampok from behind mmg suke bangat mengeluarkan pepatah2 cine die tuh..
"eyy che pa..yuh nih mcm mencurahkan garam ke dlm laut "[and ewiwan was like..plis laaa nicholas ngan yor pepatah2 ituh..]
dr dulu ckp nak diet..tapi tak diet2 pon..sekejap2 pi yamchaa at curly-sa..owh tuhan..jauhkanlah daku dr makhluk2 perosak inihh..tolongkanlah jangan ajak gi yamchaa lagii huhuuu:((:((:((

wats with me the last week..
my boss wasnt around the whole week..
hes been busy settling issue for JB's sites..together with Innsinn..
another two engineers:tee & boon settling sites at penang..
left me,azizi,kaklin,wong,and nicholas..
its the wonder we can really have time to watch semi-final euro
[me n azizi especially sbb kitorg je layan bola]..
patu esok pagi teros gi site hohohoe:D..
[salu the meeting at site is 10am above]
kalo balik ofis..the in-building-team corner was helplessly empty & silent..
[tho other team were struggling their way to finish werks]
kaklin..ofkos menjadi anaconda seperti salu even the boss is around..
wong is the table-type-person..ske wat report nak anta ke max1s..
nicholas is kaklin's anak murid in anacondaing..mmg susah laa nak nampak btg hidung..
me n azizi:the juniors of all..agak skema juge...ske dok ofis gayot2 ke..emel2 ke..
apepela sbb nak gi ngular pon bukan ade duik..

yg without the boss around is samtin like life during the day after the examinations while waiting for the teachers to examine those papers..
tho a few things to settle-up..but its enjoyable.
tho kene bambu ngan max1s on the meeting by ourself...
[owh i wanna tell..cs-the-max1s-guy ituh a bit dizzy when during the meeting,his girl call and gigling about her accident and hers was a honda-civic..
she hit a porsche..the scratch was so the bumper back of the porsche..
but the porsche owner claimed 5k for the tiny scratch..
so..cheeseng was so unappointable during the meeting..koyaa..
then asal break je asek tanye psl it worth it to claim 5k for the insurans?
is it worth to reset the ncd back to 100%?
or should it be paid by self so that there wont be the reset thingy?
fuhh..the point is..don hit sport-car or wateva car ok..
the results is so unworthy..its ok to hit kangaroo-bar..heheheh..:D..
and another point ere..does that situation means a guy like him care so much until he himself cannot focus into wats infront??
well well..not many..i bet!]

wednesday is the spiderman-day..
we went sunway-piramid and we were the whole row..
11 person:me&yanz,sid&diana,jaslan,gomi,wan,azizi,teno,anthony and kian..
hihih..kian did say samtin during the movie that i cannot get at all..
[syhh..jen kasito die..:D]
niwayy..eniwan recognised the part when MJ asking peterparker..du yu love me?
kiss me ituh..then came that octopus from behind ituh..
the parker hold MJ and flying towards the other side ituh..
agak kantoi disitu kan from the side view the chair was fallin don but the other view it standstill..[pahamke hell im talking??abaikann..]

so..come this saturday is the lotr trilogy day at the starlight-cinema..
eniwan wanna join??
lets have a celebration by the sea[and by the sea]..
and get together in peace n harmony...a celebration come n have some fun..
singing oh oh oh oh..oh oh oh oh oh..

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