Friday, October 28, 2005

** so long n gudnait **

dear job,
way up becoming the person i am today was never being imagined.
i remembered well how i adore the doctors and want to become one, one day.
then i realised my fear towards blood adrenaline anything jellies..
and i remembered how i luv computers n internet and i told mother to become computer programmer.
then i realised my fear towards blind. [ke blindness? tak sedap plak ayat nih]..
and i remembered how i luv chemistry.. and i'm becoming a chemical engineer i said..
then i realised my hands ability to control any chemical-substance were pretty much frustrating.
and i remembered how i love being photographed and smile that i wanna be a supermodel..
then i realised my fears towards crowd and lights [too many lights i mean]
and i remembered how i love the rawkstars that i dunwant any job but to become a rawkstar's wife.
then i realised i'm not beautiful la bongok! ahaha.. tu je nak cakap.

my biggest fear is yet my job today.
never had anyone stop laughing when being told what i did today.
omigod, im too bad for this job i guess.
and im suxx at it. im sure. and im screwing up our next generations.
and it happened everyday. and i dunno until when.

my advise:
dont try anything you dont feel like doing or you will make yourself insane.

[aiyooo.. i wear my kasot motong getah to work today. lupe lupe!]

mood of the moment:gilak.
song of the moment:my chemical romance - helena
i wanna be:a rawkstar.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

** here we go now one more time!~ **

this is what awaiting me back home. it takes less than a month to reach kg.pasir ambor.
wow! bravo nizam and his palshipping company! [waves]
and the smaller box is the one i tumpang with joni's kontena. reached me 3 days after nizam's arrived.
yayyy sukenyeeeeeeeeeee...

1: see my 'boroi' conquered one whole box yg kecik itew. duhhh.

2: mom was like: "yaallah kakngah, ape mende ko bawak balik nih.. " [samel geleng2 kelape.]
on the other time, i saw she and dad dudok berdua kat living room and both laughing at one of the toy.
[mak letak kat atas meja sejenis toy yg bila dipicit dia nyanyi samel geleng2 kepale secara cute sgt : 'bila kita gembira tepok tangan' in english]
i really think they both were cute sahngat dudok2 centuh tahan2 gelak.

3: yg nih my mom mcm hint: dah nak kawen sgt ke nih? ngohoho giler?!
[babyclothes. siriyes comel! tatahan nak beli]

4: Memsepahkan rumah.

5: on the other part: dapor: mak sebok kuarkan the pingganmangkok.

6: and still in the same condition: keluarga sathiyya&suriyya
owh i miss~

mood of the moment: tak saba nak balik raye yey yey yey.
song of the moment: yanz - sick cycle carousel
i wanna be: lucky. mcm ade a few friends yg mmg murah rezeki walaupon tak kaye tak murah aje rezeki. bes gile.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

** semua tentang kita **

saya ishtiharkan saya sudah gilakkk..
lalalalala... bahaya nya kerjaya inih!

mood of the moment:flyhigh
song of the moment:peterpan - semua tentang kita
i wanna be:hehehhh.. cantik. boley?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

** saye suke m.nasir **

seriyes bodow guek sgt malash dr tadi tak begerak satu keje apepon! and i finished this tag instead.
tagged by naiza.

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1) having grandkids [meaning: dah kawen dan ade anak dan ade cucu. wow. cucu sure cute kan]
2) perform the haji with my family.
3) finished visiting the 7 wonders of the world. [wohoho! mcm boleh la kan?]
4) scuba-dive [tepengaroh ngan citer summersnow]
5) own a cafe.
6) drive a 4wd. sempoi.
7) owh not to forget, finished paying those loans.

seven things i could do:
1) i could sit for more than 24 hours playing online games. tatipu. sampai tayah makan.
2) i could sit for more than 24 hours surfing internet. searching lyrics, mp3s, vclips, blogging, bloghopping, anything.
3) i could cry by only reading forwarded emails. tapayah lah tgk tv/wayang pon salu nangis kan.
4) i could study with radio/md/winamp on out loud.
5) i could go to any konsert, and go to any ceramah agama the next day. see, i'm natural. lalala.
6) i could menjerit bagai nakrak if i see any haiwan yg menggelikan. tapayah ular, cacing pon dah bley buat org nyampah ngan aku.
7) owh not to forget, i can eat for err.. takrugi bwk gi buffet. nuff said.

seven celebrity crushes:
1) takuya kimura
2) jason wade
3) keanu reeves
4) brad pitt
5) billy joe
6) ariel peterpan jugakkk [huhuhu susah jage mamat nih]
7) alan smith :-"
[alaaaaaaaa... tak cukupla 7 aje.. ramai lagi nih..]

seven often repeated words:
1) demmit!
2) dudeeeee! dewdddd! diuddddddd!
3) wohoho~
4) wow!~
5) boley takkkk?
6) ... ak? [eg: kalo kite tayah puasa takpe ak?]
7) siriyesss???

seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) eyes.. yg alala 'terpendam sebuah duka' ituh takpon bersinar kecintaan ituh.. terbaek!~
2) hair.. ehehe. kalau bole ramot mesti bewarnawarni. :-"
3) pipi dia. i dunno how to describe tapi pipi dia mesti hishhh tatau nak describe. mcm pipi m.nasir tuh tawu? geram nak ciom.
4) hikkhikk malu nak ngaku, tapi mmg tgk sikit2 la montot iteww :"> ewww..
5) muke yg tak malu di bwk jalan. tayah hemsem, tapi sedap mata memandang. mmg tanak org hemsem. tanak.
6) taller than me [yg mane kalo anda peratikan, mmg tak arrr!]
7) yg badan tak muscle2 tuh sume, tamo yg mcm jagoh bina badan tuh seme tuh takkkkkmo, kalo kurus lagi baek! tembam sikit2 takpe sedap pelok. lalala :-"

seven tags go to: [kena pompan aje ke nih?]
1) Imah
2) eja
3) sue
4) lina
5) jija
6) effa
7) fidah

mood of the moment: huh, malashh banget
song of the moment: jewel - hands
i wanna be: a rawkstar!~

Monday, October 17, 2005

** moerkhhh!~ **

testing testing.
using new commenting system. dhaaa..
[who knows how to import comments from another system?]

*out to kl sentral*
mood of the moment:bhaaa!~ saye suke budakbudak.
song of the moment:hoobastank - the reason [still berhantu la this one]
i wanna usual.

Friday, October 14, 2005

** in my place **

where i spent my entire daylife now

In my place, in my place,
Were lines that I couldn't change,
I was lost, oh yeah.
I was lost, I was lost,
Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed,
I was lost, oh yeah.
And yeah, how long must you wait for it?
Yeah, how long must you pay for it?
Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
I was scared, I was scared,
Tired and under prepared,
But I wait for it.
And if you go, if you go,
Leave me down here on my own,
Then I'll wait for you, yeah.
Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
Yeah, how long must you pay for it?
Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
Oh for it
Sing it please, please, please,
Come back and sing to me,
To me, me.
Come on and sing it out, now, now.
Come on and sing it out
To me, me
Come back and sing.
In my place, in my place,
Were lines that I couldn't change,
I was lost, oh yeah.
Oh yeah.

mood of the moment: malash shangatch
song of the moment: coldplay - in my place
i want the clock to click fast. cant wait for tonite's gathering at chakri@klcc.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

** blurry **

saya memang suke dgr lagu lamalama.
eukkkkk this is memorious.
dgr lagu ini saye tingatkan zaman practical saya ituh. saya akan makan dikedai yg suke pasang channel 71 dan selalu sgt kuar bidiyoklip lagu ini.

puddle of mudd - blurry
Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's empty
and everything is so messed up
pre-occupied without you
I cannot live at all
my whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

you could be my someone
you could be my sea
you know that I'll protect you
from all of the obscene
I wonder what your doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face

everyone is changing
there's no one left that's real
so make up your own ending
and let me know just how you feel
'cause I am lost without you
I cannot live at all
my whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

Oh, Nobody told me what you thought
nobody told me what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
told you where to run away
nobody told you where to hide
nobody told you what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
showed you where to run away

mood of the moment:demam kot.
song of the moment: puddle of mudd - blurry
i wanna be:sihat.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

** welkam to the club **

i have had a person to hate in my office.
she's totally annoying irritating dan tidak dilupakan.. disturbing.
and when i complain silently to another colleage, she proudly welcome me to the club with:
"hahaha kalau ko suke dia, ko = taknormal. so, betul da tuh.. tahniah!~ sure ko tgh bengang gile eh. gue dah selalu rase. bsabo byk2. buat bodo aje kesiotan mulot dia tuh"
wahai XXXXXX, dikau sesunggohnyabermulot celakak. sekian sahaja makian untok hari ini. semuge afdhal kembali puasa kuh. amin.

mood of the moment:geram
song of the moment:tonic - if you could only see
"you've only been gone 10minutes, but already i miss you"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

** missyoulove **

alamak alamak, i didnt realize that music is my life, my life is music had had touch its reader's limit.
huhhh.. i did plan in the heart [deep down in my heart only] long time ago that i'll put a gathering with my frens who read my blog whenever my reader's stats reach 10,000. [10038 at this post]
ehehe sounds poyo, but i want lah.
cemane ek?
and i'll close this blog after reaching 10,000. [kononnye]
but, seeing this as a new way to express my unsatisfactory or to express kejiwangan tahap koyan yg kdg2 malu tuh nak ckp dedepan, i decide to close later lah.
mari kawan2 kite gi bukak puasa samasama mari ;;)

mood of the moment:miss you
song of the moment:silverchair - miss you love
i wanna be: urm.. kuat daya engatan.

Friday, October 07, 2005

** i've been tagged **

wuhoho i've been tagged by naiza and lets chain this:

20 Tahun Yang Lalu (1985)

aiyokk.. i cant remember what happened.. ahha, my brother came out of nowhere ahaha..
no-lah. my bro was born.. i live at t4mpin tis time. rumah saya dekat dgn beret polis, saya dan kawan2 dr kawasan perumahan saye akan selalu begadoh dgn anak2 polis tuh. diorg mmg jahat mcm setan. saye masih ingat seorang budak botak tuh dia pakai baju tulis no.7 secara besar dan bila dia dtg kacau2 kitorg, saya akan jerit kat mak saya: "makkkk!!! tgk budak botak 7 nih!!" dan botak 7 pon akan takot la konon mak saye ade la dlm rumah tuh.
then i went to tabika kemas and i always menyusahkan the cikgu ituh apetah nama dia.. dan dia selalu hantar saya balik rumah kalau saya nangis2. ehehe saye suke kene antar balik.
rumah saye dekat aja ngan tadika, jadi mmg jalan aje. kehebattan saya yg suka nyusahkan cikgu tuh telah dijejaki oleh adik saya. tapi dia lebih berdikari bebanding saya kerana dia busan dgn tadika nya lalu sorang2 berlari pulang ke rumah dan melaung kpd mak saya: nak pencen sekolah! saya pon musykil dari mana dia belajar sekolah tadika boleh pencen pencen. adula~

10 Tahun Yang Lalu (1995)
By this time saya sudah jauh dr pemili. studying in a boarding school at KL. dan family saya juge turot berpindah ke kualap1lah yg saya amat taksuka sbb kawan2 saya semua kat tamp1n nun. jadi saya mmg totally lost-contact dgn kawan sekolah rendah saya ituh semua. kecuali: shihah yang turot sama masok asrama mcm saya. seriously saya tatau akan kewujudan sekolah spooky inih sbb saya asek nak masok sebuah boarding school diseremban tuh aje, alhamdulillah laa saya masok sekolah kl nih bebanding sekolah seremban tuh.. sbb saye rase bebudak sekolah seremban tuh poyo2.. ahahaha sori.. saye mmg kadangkale suke ngutok taktentuhala. pis.
walaupon taksuke dgn sekolah saya, tapi, 5 tahun hidop disitu telah byk sgt ajar saya samting. byk sgt memori. dan ade kawan2 yg best yg saye mmg kawan sampai skang, unless diorg gi menglostkontek-kan diri. tahun1995 nih la saye bersame rakan2 sedarjah mentipu cikgu sejarah sbb takot kene berdiri tgh padang hitam kalo failed paper tuh. lalu kami beramai2 ubah jawapan yayayyy.. dan saye rase mcm sayelah antara mastermind kot. woups. dan eh PMR tahun nih juge.

5 Tahun Yang Lalu (2000)

saye sudah meningkat darasunti ahahaha. saye di UniMalaya,KL. Saye pada mulanya menginap 2nd residential college UM tuh, tapi lepas tuh saye mempindah ke vista angkasa seks ditepian tangga ituh kerana saye rase dudok hostel mcm tak rawk. saye juge memiliki sebijik kriss NBD-8210 ke kot no pletnye. dan sayelah antara minah rempit yg suke nyusahkan pemandu kereta di um tuh. ahaha. kemudian saye telah gatal2 memparttimekan diri di amcorp mall dan bercinta secara takde kasihsayang dgn sejenis mamat tody yg babi yang saye terjatoh cinta kepadanya hanya kerana dia main2 gitar dibwh escalator ground floor amcorp mall dan rambotnya berwarna warna dan tak sampai sebulan kami break. mcm 2 minggu aje kot saye berjumpa2 dia. ahaha saye rase sgt bodoe.
saye juge pade mase inih berkawan secara hebbat dgn eja oa peachy shake nana dan ade hosmet2 gereng yg best.

3 Tahun Yang Lalu (2002)
saye yg dirasuki keracunan chatting telah mencari tpt prektikel juge secara chatting. ahaha. saye accidentally chat dgn bos tpt saye prektikel dan dialah yg tawarkan utk prektikel disituh. jadi saye mentolak tawaran prektikel di telekom dan mempergi ke kampeni busok inih. [sbb kampeni ni bayar gaji, telekom tak bagi].
saye juge telah start bercintak dgn yanz yg telah saye kenali lastyear ituh. bila org tanye macamane saye terkenal yanz inih mesti saye terasa nak gelak. sbb bermula dgn jjay yg blinddate dgn joetosan, tapi end up saye yg kapel ngan yanz. saye dan yanz hanyelah peneman jjay dan joetosan blinddate.
walaupon pada mulanya saye ragu2 dgn yanz inih sbb dia ituh muda dr saye, tapi saye tetap menjerumuskan diri saye dgnnya juwe. mengapa ya? [-(
dan hubungan kami ituh sebenarnya mcm tak kapel sgt di ambang menjelang bulan berapa tah. yanz ituh player. [-(

Tahun Lepas (2004)
biarlah saye confess disini bahawasanya yanz ituh telah ade sejenis awek lain dan saye juge turot dicinta pada masa yg sama. lalu dgn perasaan berkacakaca ituhlah saye membuat keputusan melulu untuk keluarnegara. wow!~ sebenarnye saye tidaklah se gerex ituh. ahaha. bermula dgn sering temankan timahletup yg suke ke UK education fair ituh, saye akhirnya ketemuk dgn sumaisara yg juge suke ke uk edu fair. perempuan sumaisarah inihla yg telah meniupkan suntikan hebbat utk saye turot samong study ke uk, lalu, saye terus mempinta SPC from Mara yg baru kuar di akhbar harian ketika itu. Alhamdulillah permohonan saye lepas. interview pon bejaya. dan bersekongkonglah saye mentinggalkan kenangan pahit ituh semua di malaysia ditanggal 11september ituh. dgn harapan akan bermulalah episod baru dalam kehidopan saye. ececeh. yg sebenarnya niat asal nak samong study bukanlah nak study, tapi sbb nak bejalan ke negara org. ituhlah dpt saye menjalan ke spain pada tahun inih. dan yanz juge telah membreak dgn awek yg saye nyatakan diatas ituh. dan saya dilamon cinta dgnnya kembali. saye harap teman2 sekalian paham kedudukan ini.

Tahun Ini (2005)

saye telah mempergi italy, paris, disneyland dan eiffel ituh, round uk manchester liverpool pelbagai tpt. dapatlah saye congak2 mcm lebih byk jalan bebanding study. huh. saye pon dah selamat kembali ke tanahair dan makan mende2 yg tingin makan secara hebbat dimana saye telah kembali memberat. dan dapatlah kirenye berpuasa di malaysia dan paling mustahak: beraya di malaysia! sunggoh saye tidak mahu lagi beraya di perantauan.

Tahun Depan (2006)

Kalau mak saye, time nih dah dpt 2 anak, saye pulak time nih dah dpt 2 surat mintak hutang yakni: petronas [sbb saye tak keje petronas] dan mara. hutang saye keliling pinggang. saye harap saye dpt bayar hutang kat mak saye juge. wuhuuu.. saye rase byk sgt abiskan duit dia utk samong study nih. dan saye harap nexyear saye kurus sikit la. saye bukan tanak kurus, tapi saye bernapsu tnggi terhadap makanan la. susah. tak macam2 kawan2 kedingking saye tuh, derang mmg makan, tapi cepat kenyang. bosan betol perot mereka. ehehe.

10 Tahun Hadapan (2015)

Wow, saya harap saya dah kawen time nih. saye penah ckp kalau saye tak kawen2, saye akan amek anak angkat. 2 lelaki. boleh? tapi saye mintak sgt saye kahwin la kot. nak rase kawen :D. dan saye harap kekal hingge ke akhir hayat. amin. dan di umor ini saye mcm nak ade sebuah cafe. alala starbucks tapi tak semestinye starbucks. kalo starbucks nak bukak franchise kat sini bole jugak. saye sedia menyeliakannye ahaha. dan paling penting cafe tuh ade live performance everyweek. saye akan jempot je sesape budak underground perform. janji rawk. kalo ade artis nak tempah pon bole. tarahal~. ngeeeee:D dan kawan saye si lailykentot bercadang nak berkongsiniaga dgn saya, dia akan membukak kedai buku didlm cafe saye, so, pengunjong bley bace buku layan rawkstar. saye pule akan dudok samel tgk anak2 saye tuh men dram. wow!~
saye juge harap saye ade sebijik 4 wheel drive. sportage pon jadikla. dan suami saye wajib bwk atlis 7series wuhuhuk. gatal.
[sekarang saye terpikir, bakal suami saye yg ituh dah abis study ke ek time nih?]

saye tak rase mereka nih nak teruskan chainletter nih. tahtah tak bukak pon blog saye :-j.
tapi saye tagged gak la mereka nih:

mood of the moment:cant get enuff of param yet.
song of the moment:lifehouse-blind
i wanna be:supermodel. ~:>

Thursday, October 06, 2005

** PARAM: pasar ramadhan **

ramadhan again.
i almost jumped in the car when i myself decide to tapau samting from the pasar ramadhan, realizing the fact that i havent went to any pasar ramadhan or at least pasar malam since last year. duhhh.. i really miss this.
unfortunately, to my dissappointment, reaching ttdi's param[param: a shortform of pasar ramadhan] was way jammed. traffic crawled and so do people at the pasar ramadhan itself. everybody's important dishes like murtabak or roti john were highly demanded, and we have to queue for this. i mean where got this queuing-format lastyear? after that i thought: owh, maybe because today is the first day. i hope so.
nway, param is still the best place to cuci mata, like last year. cuci mata sahaja a, no offence. not that i will go menggatal or what. duhh. regardless the effect of usharing another gender that made yanz goes mad, having finally eat something i craved since lastyear, with someone i love, did washed away all the penatlelah queuing and bergadoh stuff. and again, pasar ramadhan, i dunno what, but this thing is the greatest gift from god. i hope today i will get my kueh yg bulat2 bawah hijau atas putih ade parut kelapa sikit2 nama dia seriputeri ke serimuke ke [kot]. and bingka ubi. and otak2. and apam balik [eh-apam balik got ar?].

and i'm currently waiting for any ramadhan-buffet-attack invitation. kmon gals, nak gi buffet mane weyh?

eh, did i mention param is always a good place to jejak kasih? met intansafina [she didnt see me, i see her from far] and owwe at ttdi's param yesterday.

mood of the moment:nantoks
song of the moment:gwen stef - hollaback girl
i wanna be:rich gal.