Saturday, October 16, 2004

**yance yang curang**

see...i dont and never expect to fall in love with this kinda man..
how cruel..he's
i so angry!..

okke..1st row: yance n jaslan..deymn!~
2nd row: yance n sid..pulokkk??deymn again..
3rd row: with jaslan again..pfuf..the 3rd pix of the row is diana trying to help sid..[sid nak kene rogol olih mereka]
4th row: tetibe menjadik hokhogen..the las pix: soya n diana..
[pixx captured from yance's camcorder.../me: perakam video terlampau]
mood of the moment:uhm..bulan ramadhan..mesti sentiase baik-mood.
song of the moment:3degrees-when will i c u again~
i wanna be:slim!~

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