Monday, October 11, 2004

**warisan wanita terakhir**

i crushed teacher's pet since when hah?? [F3 kot]..
i dunno..but jjay n sue n my housemates at 5-4-9 vista angkasa apt might remember those days when i sang the warisan wanita terakhir & cinta kita by maman everytime wake up..
and they will like: udoh2le tuh chep4h..the rain wont kam don..:Dngeeeeee... blog for today:
1st:my class
i cant be precise on how many student in my class..
but im pretty sure that im the only girl..the only malay..
and..the cutest..thats definitely the surest laaa kann..:D
the only person that i can remember the name is:rohit..
the others..duhh..its pretty hard to remember all those names right..especially those chinese name..duhhh~
we havent had a single class for only us..
of all the lectures..we combine with other courses especially those mobile-comm students..
so..i really appreciate if one of my coursemate could eventually arrange some sorta meeting between us so i can really know who we are...

2nd:my house
1-me: the only malay n malaysian..
they people always assume i had my own way of happiness as i barely join their party
[birthday wateva it is].
there's this one time i join the house-warming party sort-of..
and they urge me to eat the pizza..pheww..makankan sahajoss...
so.after that..i'll escape with wateva reason thats possibly reasonable..
and they will like..:"owh..she's so happy..with her life.."..
[sebenanye aku kua bukan kemane lelepak bilik org lain for escapism]

1 girl from india: she is with her pressure-cooker which will sound like an arriving-train wheneva lunch/dinner time..saiko gile..
i was with this curiosity..: nak kasi pinjam ke tak rice cooker aku??
kang die gi masak kari dlm tuh ek??..takotlah..
there's this time when she ask me if i can speak hindustan..i was like:whutdahek?..
but then i konfes i did watch the kuch kuch hota hai..
and she started singing the song from the movie each time she's cooking...duhhh~~!!!!!lariiiii!!!

1 girl from pakistan:she's pretty??hm..ok la kot..she's with her chicken curry sejjaa..

1 girl from polland: i barely met her at kitchen..accept those days when she's with her bespren..
she will always with her salad n thousand-island n vegevege..
and im with my nasi n lauk ayam..& nahh..yu can compare..allowed!

6 girls from tanah besar china..each one with each attitude..
the one with the loudest voice i've ever heard..esp. when she's speaking english..
the one with the most mumbling english i can't really hear whats the talking about that i'll always:"come again?"..
the one with the blurrest face..
the one with the everyday question:"hi has1fah..where's yor rumet??"
[she's my rumet's bestest fren kat sini kot]..
the one with the my-boipren-eat-my-cooking-at-our-kitchen..tak reti2 aku nak masak jugak??
asek konker dapor bile he's there..
and lastly..the one and only rumet la..
she's the one with the chinese-songs everynite while me sleeping..
[sbb ade sehari tuh die pasang lagu i believe-sontrek my sassy girl..
i was like melompat turon n join her watching the vclip..
haros lepas tuh die engat aku suke seme lagu cine!]

owh not to forget: we have a senior-resident to take care of our kebajikan
n to warn us the rules n regulation n most things warden did..
she's christine tan..berasal dari melaka,malaysia..hoyeh..
i finally had a chinese-malaysian fren ere..
she's staying at the other house but will always camedown ere to watch us..
and she's final year computer-engine-self-sponsored..
[alhamdulillah mara nak sponsor aku]..

3rd:the MSD:Malaysian Hall..
we went for the function at MSD..
we were 25people..campo2 postgrad n undergrad..
so then..we had to listen to those duhhh-speech by our minister of domestic trade n consumers affair-dato' shafie apdal..
while our stomach dah start berbalas pantun..
[aha the main purpose for attending such occasion will definitely be the makan-part..
these certain times only we can get nyummy malaysian-food whooo!~]..
and the rendang-daging+ayam-masak-merah+nasi-beriyani was mabeles..
i had 3 ketol ayam wow wow wow..
terlalu kenyang hingge teraksi terlampau menjadik alan smith-sepak gelas berisi air sirap..>:)...
haros ade kenangan kat msd..:">'s us all from uni of surr3y with the minister:
[haros check dlm paper korang2 tuh..ade masok paper nih]

us all...tatau name tatau name tatau name...
bbdak undergrad yg ramai ni..kitorg 5 orang je posgrad..
the man with blazer: datuk shafie

ok..i try: standing left to rite:huda,intan,dila,ja,e-t,me,pidah,lond
dudok dihadapan:liz,tatau,amal, superduper kuat ingatan!~

while waiting for the menteri2 meeting with our driver-abang ijat..we were frozed outside..
malas nak join diorg beborak..dudok diatas tiang tangge ok??

mase balik..abg ijat yg baik hati benti kat stadium-chelsea chelsea
[sile nyanyi lagu ini dgn nada yg btol]..sejok bangat hingge haros berpelok2an..
[pst..diorg tuh mmg less..err..err..gilesess!!~...:d..tipuuu]

mood of the moment:erm..macam nak beli henfon la..nak beli ke tak?beli?tak?beli?
song of the moment: ledzepp-stairway to heaven[but in my mind i can hear closely maman version of this song..he played his guitar,singing,live..sunggoh aku sukaaa]
i wanna be:its me yu adore...

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