Thursday, October 14, 2004

**i don wanna crush yu..but i fil like crushing yu~!**

i eat lunch at 3++pm today..
too lazy to then i decided to makan burger je laa..
so then..kuar2kan burger..sos..mayonis..n lastly the butter..
eyh??where's my butter??eyh??eyh??mcm letak sini mcm tadeeee jeee??:(
so...geledah geledah those 3 fridges..tak jumpe and i was like..halaa..:(..kuciwa...

so then i told the one with the my-boipren-eat-my-cooking ituh..i lost my butter..:(..
[ngan memek muke yg mmg sedih la kunun..]..:D
tapi...aku goreng jugak burger tuh pakai minyak..
lantaklaa..dah lapasss sangatsss...makanlaaa burger bersalot minyak masak..

n then around 6pm when i getout of the toilet..the one with the everyday-question-is-hi.has1fah.wheres.yor.rumie? dtg kat aku with these weird face..
and then say sori.."has1fahhhh..:(..sori...i was the one who throw away yor butter...soriii...i tot its my previous rumet's i thro it..sori again.."
and she's with that pathetic face..and then she hug me..ya Allahhh..rilekla woi...
tapi aku pelok jugakla die tanak la nampak mcm kerek..
aku dah set je dlm pale otak nak beli butter lain..
die pegi belikan butter yg baru..astagaaa~!

now..i felt guilty..seriyes i dont bother the missing butter..
iskk..she's sooo honest + kind + fragile + halaa..rase besalah aku...
[blakang..die ganti balik ngan butter yg ade gelatyn eks..ade lemak babi kot..takble makan pon..tapi..amek jela kang kene chop-rude lak kang..] is sooo weird with all possibilities~dhaa~!

[owh to mention..i'd been nominated in one of the pose at surr3y's malaysian student society's annual meeting tadi..duhh..i rejected before any votes..malas campo..]
mood of the moment:the usuals..the no-mood-to-study
song of the moment: 3rd eye blind - deep inside of you
i wanna be::">...nicole kidman laaa ekkk...:Dngeeeweeee~

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