Friday, October 01, 2004

**izen it ikonik??**

i wake up after the 5th miskol from yance at 5:36:21am..tekebelkebel..
blindly msg him..[nak samong tido:((] 7:41:43am i jumped out of bed realising..halamak..tak semayang subuh..:-&
i was with my housemates yesterday..having dinner-talk at the kitchen..
[bideway..i had new housemate:pakistan mari..who was also a me..]
so then..the hongkongs starting this argument about us all..
they were with this curiousity..with muslim's rules to slaughter the animals
so then we describe the important of it..its actually got some medical point in there rite..
then they asked again.
why duyu have to face the animal to some centre-point..
[to which she means kaabah]..
and i was like..halamak..cemano ni pakcik nak toghangkan??
[cemane nak terangkan]
so then i told the certain2 facts i know..its the believe that matters..
[yaAllah..bedidu ceteknye elmu ku..]
and after that i felt..this is what did happened and at certain points..
some sort of cause that brot to the disbilif/murtad/wateva happened to a few muslim students abroad..
and i have to like:be careful ..for what i do bilif in..
and there goes all the advise from mak/ayah everybody..
"adik..semayang jgn tinggal..ok.."
be strong che pah!~ heceh memotivasikan diri senirik.
after all..then the hongkong lis..yu guys have samtin to bilif in..
not like us..the free-thinker..we dont have any certain guidance..
we just bilif in money..hahaha then they laugh-out-loud.. is the greatest element..
one family were to have only one matter whot..its the policy..
so..the parents were to give the best education to their child..
money is the way to the education education..
ahh..thank god i was born in malaysia..fuh not a racist watsoeva ok..i just put my tot in ere..
im ok with eni race infact..kankann??:d

mood of the moment:takot..bile ni nak start study ni??satu haram tak paham ni :-&
song of the moment:switchfoot-dare yu to move
i wanna be:nasha aziz..tetibe..:">

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