Tuesday, July 06, 2004

**cinta ituh butaa??**

yanz turon a few kilos...[hahaha kasito satu dunia ble?]
so..when kaklin ajak to yamchaa..i said..tanaklaa..im on diet..
they were like gelak..nicholas yg mmg ske sebok & menyampok from behind mmg suke bangat mengeluarkan pepatah2 cine die tuh..
"eyy che pa..yuh nih mcm mencurahkan garam ke dlm laut "[and ewiwan was like..plis laaa nicholas ngan yor pepatah2 ituh..]
dr dulu ckp nak diet..tapi tak diet2 pon..sekejap2 pi yamchaa at curly-sa..owh tuhan..jauhkanlah daku dr makhluk2 perosak inihh..tolongkanlah jangan ajak gi yamchaa lagii huhuuu:((:((:((

wats with me the last week..
my boss wasnt around the whole week..
hes been busy settling issue for JB's sites..together with Innsinn..
another two engineers:tee & boon settling sites at penang..
left me,azizi,kaklin,wong,and nicholas..
its the gala-time..no wonder we can really have time to watch semi-final euro
[me n azizi especially sbb kitorg je layan bola]..
patu esok pagi teros gi site hohohoe:D..
[salu the meeting at site is 10am above]
kalo balik ofis..the in-building-team corner was helplessly empty & silent..
[tho other team were struggling their way to finish werks]
kaklin..ofkos menjadi anaconda seperti salu even the boss is around..
wong is the table-type-person..ske wat report nak anta ke max1s..
nicholas is kaklin's anak murid in anacondaing..mmg susah laa nak nampak btg hidung..
me n azizi:the juniors of all..agak skema juge...ske dok ofis gayot2 ke..emel2 ke..
apepela sbb nak gi ngular pon bukan ade duik..

yg pentingnyeh..life without the boss around is samtin like life during the day after the examinations while waiting for the teachers to examine those papers..
tho a few things to settle-up..but its enjoyable.
tho kene bambu ngan max1s on the meeting by ourself...
[owh i wanna tell..cs-the-max1s-guy ituh a bit dizzy when during the meeting,his girl call and gigling about her accident and hers was a honda-civic..
she hit a porsche..the scratch was so tiny..at the bumper back of the porsche..
but the porsche owner claimed 5k for the tiny scratch..
so..cheeseng was so unappointable during the meeting..koyaa..
then asal break je asek tanye psl insurans..is it worth it to claim 5k for the insurans?
is it worth to reset the ncd back to 100%?
or should it be paid by self so that there wont be the reset thingy?
fuhh..the point is..don hit sport-car or wateva car ok..
the results is so unworthy..its ok to hit kangaroo-bar..heheheh..:D..
and another point ere..does that situation means a guy like him care so much until he himself cannot focus into wats infront??
well well..not many..i bet!]

wednesday is the spiderman-day..
we went sunway-piramid and we were the whole row..
11 person:me&yanz,sid&diana,jaslan,gomi,wan,azizi,teno,anthony and kian..
hihih..kian did say samtin during the movie that i cannot get at all..
[syhh..jen kasito die..:D]
niwayy..eniwan recognised the part when MJ asking peterparker..du yu love me?
kiss me ituh..then came that octopus from behind ituh..
the parker hold MJ and flying towards the other side ituh..
agak kantoi disitu kan from the side view the chair was fallin don but the other view it standstill..[pahamke hell im talking??abaikann..]

so..come this saturday is the lotr trilogy day at the starlight-cinema..
eniwan wanna join??
lets have a celebration by the sea[and by the sea]..
and get together in peace n harmony...a celebration come n have some fun..
singing oh oh oh oh..oh oh oh oh oh..

mood of the moment:sick
song of the moment:accidentally in luv-shrek2
i wanna be:the rokstaaa

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