Wednesday, July 14, 2004

**berhenti berharap** [lotr movie marathon]

saturday-800am::ielts examination at british council..but i screwed it up!yup!and im sad and i don wanna talk about it!
saturday-3pm::reach home unsatisfied with the exam and feel exhausted and jumped into my bed..unconscious..
saturday-600pm::yanz arrived..with sid n jaslan...a few chats then both sid n jaslan went back cyberjaya..
saturday-615pm::we get into the car heading for the starlite cinema..tapi ade sedikit pergadohan berlaku..something to do with my past..[you moron!:p] made things a little late..
saturday-645pm::heading to starlight cinema for the LOTR the trilogy..extended version from 8pm until 8am the next morning..but i had to stop by my office to collect something..
saturday-700pm::met eja&minyak and o'a without her perak[--he went back kampong halaman] at ttdi..a few plan for our starlite movies..eja&minyak&oa will go search for some empty box to cover our cinema will go first to buy tix & book the place..
saturday-800pm::arrived at mount kiara equestarian & golf club..but the carparks already full..we had to park near the pusat sains negara which is across the hi-way duhhh..jauh giler menapak..then..had to carry those pillows+mat+old newspaper to put beneath the mat bekos of the wet-field..All the way up the field, evErybody were looking at us like what..and yanz will like:"pandang ape?yerr...kitorg nak gi camping..yer..yer...kitorg nak gi camping ni..nak join??"..duhh we were carrying those things and people looked unsatisfied..'beriyerr gilerrr diorg tuhh siap bawak bantal pelowk'..--i guessed they said
saturday-815pm::arrived at the field..the crowd was place to squeeze into..but fortunately we managed to find this one spot which was quite front and to the right of the screen..but..its ok kot..we can simply lay down and watch...thats the best place to squeeze to it or leave it la kan..
saturday-830pm::eja & minyak & o'a arrived and the movie started around here goes the lotr-the the fellowship of the ring..we watch almost everything eventho we were sleepy..
saturday-1145pm::lotr-the two the time this 2nd movie started, a few people started leaving and we quickly shifted to the left..centre a bit..but i slept almost the whole movie of the second lotr ituh...[accept those war-part and those legolas's ultimate playrole especially the part he was flying to reach the horse ituh..hiyiiihih..power!]..wihiihih..eyh heylow..i am not the only person sleeping..all of us were like sleeping..and i guess most of the crowd slept laa..yelaaa..especially with the weather condition which was so cold..eventho i did wear the jacket..but..its cold man!..
sunday-345am::the 3rd movie started around here and i started hungry but there's unsufficient food even at the stall build at the end of the again..kelaparan..[sleeping...except those part..itupon sbb kene kejut olih yanz ituh..]
come to think of it..i guess if i sum it all..i really watch about half the whole 3 movies only...and the rest was been given to sleeping part..i think yanz and eja pon same..o'a a bit tough..she slept for few parts only..minyak..i not living so i cant spy on him..hehheh..
sunday-700am::the end of the show and my pillow was wet bekos of the air-embun ituh..
and we went home with hungry-stomach and eja got class at 9am but she overslept until 12noon...
sunday-800am::me & yanz had breakfast at oa's house at vista and then we went back home having beauty-sleep until 4pm..the raining condition outside made it better..sampai satu tahap sbb dah lapar juge banon dan carik makan..pfufh...~the end~

[**psstt..i'll upload some of the pix taken there..tak sempat lagi nak capture..muke2 basi :D]

mood of the moment:err..kering
song of the moment:sheila on 7-berhenti berharap the samarinda =))
i wanna be:beside duta wakakakkakak

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