Wednesday, July 07, 2004

**che pah the videL**

i believe the children are the future..teach them well and let them lead the them all the beauty they posses inside..give them the sense of make it easier..let the children laughter...remind us how we used to be..everybody searching for a hero..people need samwan to look up to..i never found eniwan who cud fulfil my needs....a lonely place to be..and so i learn to depends on me....i decided along ago..never to walk in eniwan shadow..if i failed..if i succeed..alis i liv as i matter wat..they took from me..they cant take away my dignity...bekos the of happening to me...


i hardly remembered wat they called me during my primary school..[probably just a simple has1fah kot]..
but i do remember stepping at the secondary school..i started the nick as HAS..yeah at was like most of them esp my dormates called me with the the time..i was like..petite jugak..143cm height je kot..soo..sehsuhwailaaa ngan name gitu kot..seniors mmg panggil has..[tetibe tingat kat kak yuyu..kak lin..kak sue..segale jenis akak2--dear has, blablabla tuh (zaman selalu dpt notes kretip2 tuh]]

my CS[college-sister---every new students (Form1students) will each be assigned with a CS]
she[my CS] is a popular back then..she's the drummajor..of the school-band[i was pushed to join the band but then..yu should knoe la the ustazah noreinee ituh---she's some sort of my sedara (but not near lah, my datuk sedara married her kazen (jauh giler kan relationnyer)), she warned me to not join the band because they'll be busy thruout the years..
so, cs ituh..she's one kinda tomboy..memule kenal at the registration..she's with the tudung..then..after confirming those class & dorm stuff..petang tuh activity bejalan2 keliling sekolah..[my family is still around]..she's with the cap..short-haired..tomboy giler..i was like:omigod..die ni pompan ke laki?tekezutt buzz-buzz gak mase mom oso tecengang2..sape ni?i bet my other frens pon wase gitu gak..fuufuuii..thenla i realized..wawahh..die ni ramai secret admirer..she's popular summore..terpaksele me oso being glemer..
"pst pst..awak cs kak asno ek??pst pst..has..bes ak jadi cs kak asno??pst pst..has..smalam awak nangis homsik ek?kak asnor pujuk ke marah awak??bes ak kene pujok ngan kak asno??pst pst..has..smalam kak asnor bukakkan bedspread awak ek??"..giler blurrrrr apsal semorg nak sebok2 nii??rupe2nye being in school-band especially being the drummajor is a kinda the centre-of-all-attraction..duhh..poyo giler.. as a HAS is a normal thingy la..some classmates just call me sif4h..[in fact..imah+mazni+monno ituh still panggil sif4h sampai la memule die dok vista dulu..weehoooo:D]
i donno when la..but one of my s.a there:kaklin[engku naslina..bbdak rumah topaz will surely knoe her..she's one of those seniority stuff gaks laa..geng2 poyo]..tak bes la panggil awak has..nak panggil che p4h..i was like..duhh??wat a name?ape kebende ituh??ting..ting...sampai kesudah..melekat name tuh..i mean until now..
1st day at thinking of bringing up a wishing for been invisible to everybody..kengkunun beharap tade sape kenal..tup-tup our fren yg wat parttime kat kementerian pendidikan inform us that 32 of us were going to UM..[ewiwan was stuck due to the economy-crisis..taleh fly]..deymn!~ giler ramai~! batch is 90 is one-third of the batch..haroslaaa berkampong at UM kan..tapi..most of them tercampak to those francais-thingy..left-out around 10 je kot kat main-campus..but then..the che p4h is knotted and i cant change it..
aderlaa a few..senior at 2nd college called me koya--kunun blurr/berkhayal tatau apsal
and few senior mechy panggil me stoberi--sbb mulut mcm stoberi? hnm tahla..

so..then..i decided to use my normal name when started 1st day has1fah..yu can call me has1fah with the full..nak lagi kacak..yu can call me has1fah 4bd h4lim..:D..but...[of kos there's a but in eniting]..aderla sekor colleage nih..named:fariq..he's uniten..awex die puler bdak UM..deymn!..the next thing i knew..pagi2 bute esoknyer..die dok lepak hisap rokok kat bwh ofis..hye che p4h!..i was like ignoramus at first..[kinda tak pasan]..tapi..bile step-in the door je come he knoe?deymn!~..sialannnn!!!rupe2nyer awek die tuh my fwen..bespwen to my ex-roomie at 2nd college, now..everybody in my work called me che p4h or atlis che f4h--those chinese colleague tatau sebut pah tuh..
garfield---pezal suke panggil aku garfield sbb tembam dem...

so, now, my name is either has1fah or s1fah or chep4h or cp

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