Tuesday, September 06, 2005

** tru calling **

the moment i step back inside my room i felt the emptiness..
emptines kaplahotttttttttttt
my roommate had moved out.
and let's see..
i lost my luggage.. how am i gonna go back to malaysia kelak???
and few documents inside.. i cant remember, but i think my x-ray was inside that big-bag. few certs.
i lost my shoes.. tak mahal mana.. but should worth my pulau perhentian to-go-journey what??
and my selipar jepon.. how to mandi and berak dude???
i lost my bucket.. my shampoo, my bathfoam, my colgate, my stuffs la kate..
how to mandi? one week to go and all i have to do is restarting back the life at surr3y..
macam mule2 sampai dulu, takde selipar, takde barang2 semua..
i havent check my kitchen. takde mood hoke.
hishhhhhhhhh... BA ALIP BA YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
vavi laaaaaaa luuuuuuuuu.
aaaa.. dah abis geram dah tuh.

pssst: satu luggage 30inch bape pounds ek? demit i'm almost bankrupt.

mood of the moment: gerammmmmmmmmmmm
song of the moment: enya - only time
nak balik skang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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