Thursday, September 01, 2005

** if i told you this was killing me **

the first box is full..
the second box is full..
the third box is also full..
and im craving for another box..
gile banyak wehhh barang nak shipping balik malaysia!!!
when i tried to seal the last box, i heard this sound of children's song..
yu know this twinkle2 little star kinda song..
and ahh.. mbe it came from nowhere, so, i ignored..
and the sound didnt stop.. it seems to yell louder..
and i put my ears nearer.. mane arah dia dtg nih?
nahhhh.. from the last box.. and i was like.. demittttt!!!!!!!!
and there goes the digging part.. and dig dig dig.. the sound became louder..
manekah kauk! keluar kauk!
and finally, it was from this children's book yg terletak di bawah sekali!!!
this book was like kain yg sedap dipelok which i plan to give to my kazen nih yg bila dipicit disatu tempat nih dia kua muzik ituh..
aaaaaaaahh i have to pack again!!

mood of the moment: serabot
song of the moment: the juliana theory - if i told yu this was killing me, wud yu stop?
i wanna be: bewitched.. eh nicolekidman in bewitched.. wah mcm hebbat tuh.

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