Friday, September 09, 2005

** the day before the check out **

will i miss sharing the same kitchen with you guys?
will i miss sharing the same sink..?
will i miss sharing the same fridge?
will i miss sharing the same freezer? where i will announce: this is my fooking partition yuh beladiful!!! [when they were not even twice,but so many times putting some babi inside my partition.. ahheyyy~!]

i will miss you dear housemates.. will i miss.. i will miss..
i will miss waken up by the sounds of the other housemates overexciting about samting..
"she she maaaaaa???" or "me***!!~" they will shout from outside..

i will miss this temperature..
i will miss all the runaway condition at 10am each morning that got class..
i will miss going to school without bathing.. or even worse.. [not until the next day.. ]
i will miss drinking hotchoc infront of guys in fasting month.. [woups]
i will miss breakfasting during class.. with a lil bit of teardrops.. [sedih situh]
i will miss breakfasting at quietcentre [freely]..
i will miss ashtonkutcher the i-like-to-ask-stupid-questions in class..
i will miss the basmati with ayam goreng only..
i will miss eating sausages and burgers at the laziest condition..
i will miss carboots..
i will miss "mind the gap! mind the gap!" at the underground
i will miss the snow..
i will miss the frenchkiss everywhere.. [even in the commonest place]
i will miss the "cheers!" gratation after buying anything.. or "layterzz!"
i will miss the martyr-wireless connection i coincidentally encounter.. and ofkos i will miss you my Uni sresnet-brodben connection.. i've used the streamyx and never it attempt to be like you..

mood of the moment: :-s ignored
song of the moment: weezer- beverly hills
i wanna be: wynona rider :-o

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