Thursday, August 25, 2005

** the one with the Chelsea **

we: me, laily, imah, naiza
lined up for chelsea futbol tix for i think almost half an hour [and the line moved very slowly]
until we reached the samting-door very near to the counter, a man stepped near us, and made another line after us..
[mbe bekoz we kinda not lining up very properly kot..]
i was like : " nih apesal tak beratur bebetol nih.. gi laa beratur kat blakang woi.. "
but then, ofkos he didnt understand what i've said.. [i yelled in malay lalalala:-"]
we even felt like selling laily's match tix to the person back of us.. and we waited and the line werent moving
and finally laily decided to ask the person beside me:
"sekiuz mi.. is this line for buying the match tix?"
and that very person answered: "no.. this is the line for the staff entrance"..
and we saw this big sign there : "STAFF ENTRANCE"
Naiza automatically spread her umbrella..
I laughed there and then..
Laily said oh thank you..
Imah run..
and we didnt even looked back at them staring at us..
yaa we really felt they stared and laughing at us..
BODOHHHHHHHH gileeeeeeeeee
patot lah diorg semuanya dari tadi macam pandang kite semacam kan????

[finally, only laily and her brother tgk match ituh and chelsea won 4-0 thankyou]
mood of the moment:pening kelape bermain hujan
song of the moment: akma-bertakhta dihati [:">]
i wanna be: nicole kidman :"> malu lagi..

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