Tuesday, June 28, 2005

** no name face ** [in lab]

at certain point of time i felt the utter boredom of writing an entry for my beloved blog..
but, i want to i want i want..
[keep in mind videl : this is for your future reference!]
ah-hnmmm.. the updates:

1)been busy with my dissertation project the last-last week and last week..
in lab the whole day the whole week,
a) to make me look more diligent towards completing the project as my dr j3ff the SPV will always use my an3choic chamber pathway to walk to his room nearby.. nothing but hipocrites, i will be (master yoda's way of speaking giihiii)
b)to avoid being sauna-ing in my un-fan 26degrees room and i will always go high-tempered with high-temperatures.. this lab is air-conditioned huhoo i like :*
c)of course i want the something progress in my project la bai! tho little like 5% progress, jadik aa tuh.. ]
pictures in the lab 8-x
[left: mari kacau budak inih buat projek.. he's kayasanam(men blasahje akuk.. tapi kite panggil dia kaya..
right: network analyzer 8-x]
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
[left: :D samel menyelam makan roti.. :-"
right: this is an3choic chamber where i work.. takottak?8-x]
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
[left:lab inih guek yg punya :-" right: kaya and his noise freq apetah project]
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
[left: tangan yg kaku right: si leli dtg menggacau guek di lab [-( ]
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

2)movie marathoning everydaying [once the xm finished]
thanx for the existance of bittorrent wateva wateva.. we here will be like : "kauk dlod this movie, gwe dlod this movie" and we will send to each other thru the msn [note: ym's beta version can only transfer file less than 100mb and no more file sharing duhhh #-o].. these are amongst the remembered one:
[obviously more malays than english 8-x muahahaha.. rindu malaysia]

a)starwars - revenge of the sith - okkot.. skang suka cecite mepek2 nih.. sebab suke berimejinasi tinggi kot..
b)mr and mrs smith - best! i put my under 50% expectation towards the movie as imah told me it was upsetting, tabest, so, when the expectation wasnt there, it will become an exciting movie tau. hnm.. [shud i put the credit here is because it was a bradpitt's movie? bradpitt :x i luv]
c)sinchan the movie - muahahaha.. its 700mb tau!2hours watching 8-x [marahkan si laily yg dlod nih..] this one is not as enjoyable as watching those tv-series yg didonlod ituh kot.. but still got the gelak2 part and i like the part where they [sinchan,nini,kazama,masao] tuh comelcomel nak lari from kene tangkap tuh.. yak Allah siriyes comel!
d)tentang dia - best.. ehek.. its not as best as ada apa dgn cintak, but i think acceptable la compared to eiffel im in luv yg asek comolot je tuh.. and there's a part la where we girls do cried kot.. [ker, only me cried hah? :D]
e)hingga ujung waktu - tolongkanlah!!! we watched at laily's 8-x ahaha [go killed her for this].. erm.. no comment muahahahha..
f)cinta fotokopi - yak Allah tolonglaaaa who's the director? this is the most stupid story i've ever watch.. agagaga.. imah la paksa i tengok nih.. [sbb imah suke sgt farid kamil ituh] ok, fine, farid kamil ke sape ke name pelakon pembantu ituh.. yupp he did well.. but for khai and zarina's part.. tolongkanlah kann.. khai was so stoned!.. sgt keras.. dahlah this movie buat kat UM.. biken malu sejjaa..
g)kingdom of heaven - :-s.. the story which made me want to search google:jerusalem.. i totally forgotten about this salahuddin and err.. first time i saw orlando bloom in his manly-act.
e)naruto the movie - best! ku jatoh chentak sama naruto :x muahahaha.. i dont really like naruto in the naruto series ituh sbb dia asek kalah aja.. but, after watching this, hnmm.. sukaa la.
f)madagascar - errr.. hehehh 2-3kali tgk dah, asek tetido aje sekerat jalan.. tabes ke ek?:-/
g)kesetiaan - hnm.. not a movie actually, cerekarama from bluehyppo's website ituh. i kinda like la kot rashid sibir ke mohd nor kadir ke sape lagi ek punyer cerite.. hnmm.. acceptable ok.. this one.. i dunno, mbe bekos of the real-effect from azean irdawaty and umi aida's act or just because i adore ako mustapa so much? :X ako ako i like him ;)).. takkesahla org nak ckp dia x pandai blakon ke tak pandai becakap ke apepeke.. he's adorable ok.. cute :D
h)gangster - rosyam noor played 3 role in this.. this is something's typical kot from badarudinhjazmi ituh.. set set kl menjerit, but still.. takla seboring cinta fotokopi ituh.. ok kot.. and again.. of course because got ako mustapa in it.. yayy.. :x i like..
[u should read of how ako at first took engineering at US, but then, became lalai, join the music's line, take music for his degree, bercintak with this amoi kot ke minah salleh ke, got confused with the religion, then he became a tabligh sikit, bla bla bla.. i cant remember well.. but end up dia x dpt la degree in engineering kot.. (wats my point? =)) ) dunno.. one more thing, where he got this ako name? = simply because ako is his first words mase kecik2 dulu.. so sweeeeeeeeeettttt!]
i)i know what you did last raya - yg sgt bodoh jugak.. which i start with a wrong cd.. start2 with 2nd cd, and i just figured it out when i reached the end where it continued to the 1st cd.. lahh.. aku tgk 2nd disk rupenyer.. =)).. punyelaa see-thru kan this movie.. and waheeda.. apeke kauk sgt menggelabah tuh? tolonglah..
j)drumline - best.. it made me swing back to good-old-days at school [remembered la those times when they had school-bands-parade competition during merdeka's day or bebile laa.. ].. yang mane budak2 st john and VI sgt hensem ek? apelaa..
k)miss congeniality2 - i prefered miss congeniality 1.. i dunno weather the cd quality did spoiled the mood or simple bekos the story itself was as uninteresting?
l)sekeras kerikil - watched this at malaysia dulu.. so, the impact was so-so only.. :-" [patotnye sedih nih.. ]
m)kak kiah catering - bosan! lawak bodoh! tapi still i like kak sheila rusly kak namdoblas..
n)30 hari mencari cintak - ok-ok.. tak sebes aadc & tentang dia.. tak sebosan eiffel im in luv.. yg membeskan sbb the whole story aasek ade lagu sheila on 7 :x i luv..
0)kiamat sudah dekat - 8-x.. a lil bit or sense here and there.. saya mohon sangat 8-x.. walopon tak hebbat sgt, tapi dia mcm best :D

3)akademi fantasia 3 fever here okeh!
yaa called us crazy or wateva.. kitorg mmg tgk af3 secara hebbat at here.. ngehehe.. and yu should hear la those fan-natic did scream wheneva their fav af3-ians appeared x kesahlah in the konsert or in the diary pon kan.. :-".. [million thanx to torrentmalaya again].. not only we can watch the konsert, diary hari2 pon got mehhh.. oii guys.. go dlod the diary-extended version where felix main gitar and duet with idayu.. wuhuuu.. centak centak :x..

4)imah and owwe's stayed at here last weekend for their bangor trip - a trip to tangkap ketam.. and after that a trip to carboot wherenot only them, me oso borong secara hebbat.. and i bought a fan yayyy.. and after that to secret garden to pick strawberry 8-x..
go figure my fotopages eyh..

mood of the moment:kering #-o
song of the moment:j mizan-hari ini dan semalam 8-x [sueeeee..imissyuuuu]
i wanna be::((((((((((nak balikkkkkkkkkkkkk


Nak kiah catering said...


Nak tya

mana kamu donlod citer kiah catering tu?

Nak tgk la.

tlg provide link download /torrent etc blh x?

send to neorackle@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

salam, kat mana nk tgok cte kesetiaan tu ek....