Monday, June 13, 2005

** dia untukku **

i figured that the more busy i am, the more updates will be in this blog..
[go figure my examination weeks will have more updates than my hols week]
people said : tebalik-kot..
now that im not so busy.. [pretend2 seja].. i don have anything to say pulak..
well anyway.. had this comment from miss-suebengkeng for the last-entry: "jj n nana getting engaged next week! followed by ur rumet techenta at 5-4-9. and followed by wedding of ur rumet terchenta at 2nd college on 26th. "
omigod!! what reckon du yu have?
here's my ex-roommate list..

1. asasi [pra-u @ 11th college UM]izdiyani: last saw her as a medical-student, a nice doctor now perhaps, MARRIED with a son dah nih.. [last heard was when she called me to ask a ref letter for her cousin to do master at fac.engine UM]
aziedes: ex-nagoya-dai, back for good already, now in love with an ex, upcoming wedding ceremony.

2. 1st year @ 2nd college UMe-jan: kinda sumbung after the graduation, never heard anything from her, lasttime met was a gf of my longlost-primaryschoolmate, now that we lost contact, i heard them break already.
nik nurin aka yin: a qs with a package [without the proper height :D], getting MARRIED on this 26th..
las met at her house @ gombak with the attempt to make lasagna, she's a good chef, lucky that husband to be. [except that she's quite messy]
kinda unbelievable shock when she decide to marry him, she's soo into chinese-man during the year at 2nd college, hnm.. life is unpredictable.

3. 2nd/3rd year @ vista angkasa seks di tepi tangge :Dhas: lost and lost again, she want to disappear from the erry-the-bf ituh, but, she disappeared from all of us instead.
jjay: getting ENGAGED on coming 16th.. yak Allah tak sangke this girl is getting serious wih her relationship, she's sooo my partner in crime during my soul-losing-period ituh..

4.3rd/4th year @ vista lagiana: MARRIED lastweek, with a lecturer's son, wow! ::terkemamaa:: she's with a sarawakian during her degree, but, was breaking up after his return for good to the hometown.. huhukkk takot.. :(
pie: rumet yg bole dibilang aje dgn jari dudok kat bilik tuh :p, ENGAGED, when ah r u gona get married ah pie? heh heh, pie is now a londoner doing her intern with TMUK-telekom malaysia UK? doing posgrad at sunderland and the fiance was an ex-surr3y:joe

5.1st month of working @ jalan anannanapapanapetah ttdihuda: MARRIED with amin the met-via-chatting guy. kinda lost contact after me going to uk.

6.the rest of my working life @ kelana jaya ss2imah the spooky: my partner in crime for memboroskan duit bershopping, bermakanmakan, berwayang2 every-wednesday-halfprice-movie-tixx, to teaters with a student price tapi sebenanye dah keje, and not to forget the uk-education-fair hailer, now a londoner posgraduating @ Imperial college, she's single and available and waiting for the-ONE to approach her because she absolutely innocent in approaching and i donno what makes man/guy/boy/gay-pon-bolela very afraid to confess.. deyyy, apela korang nih tawu main kimsalam2 je ape barang woi, gentleman la sikit!

7.uni of surr3ymegan wong: a hongkonger, single, in love with england and want to stay here long, overheard her intimate [intimate?? ngahahaa] long distance fon-call from kent, i think he is someone british, idunno..

and to sum it all, most of them is getting seriyes in their life, and, most of my closest-fren were not. ahakkk:D
[applied to me too]
[when we did questioning this, a simply malas nak jawab answer is : badi]
hnm.. anyway, i believe in driving our own own-happiness, in wateva way, janji rawkkk [sebot alala ella]
malam maseh muda :D, kite kumpol duik dulu yeh, kang dah kaye kang kite kawen la, kot2 dah kaye nanti tade org nak kawen ngan kite, kite pegilah tour dunia,

a conversation between a couple:
him: agak2 brape ek bajet hantaran?
her: hnm..depends la mase bile nak kawen tuh..
him: kalo ikot standet skang nih bape ek hantaran?
her: entahlaa.. standet 7-10k kot ek skang?
him: haihhh, apeje sampai 7-10k?
her: ok dah tuh, mak andam aje dan 2k, cameraman 1.5k, buffet 3k, blahblahblah..
him: ahh awak tayah pakai mak andam2 tuh, biar saye je andamkan awak
her: @$#%$%^#$^&&^ kaplahotttt!~

mood of the moment: demam af3 ahahaha.. not really demam but im a fan of MAWI&FELIX : MALIX ahahahahaaaaa sengalkuh..
song of the moment: shafinaz-ingin bersamamu.. [i think im lack of english songs eversince the peterpan's appearance in my mind]
i wanna be: lucky, purely lucky in anyway.

**ralat : ana is getting ENGAGED.. bukannye MARRIED.. ampon yer cikgu suebengg :-& takot sayeh..
[yayy kurang sekor kwn aku dah kawen ahahakkk]

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