Monday, June 06, 2005

** against racism **

i like them being so-oh intelligently-creative.
i must admit their enormous, fabulous [counted ke nih :D], formidably marvelous, monstrous, prodigious, stupendous, tremendous underground system - the tube system - london underground.. no other city in world can even being compared to theirs. i went to barcelona's metro-underground, rome's, malaysia's lrt-star-putra system [this one sah-sah totally out of the list], but, london's underground is the creme of the crop.
one should take jubilee-line at westminster and see those berpusing2 escalator for combining almost 3 different pathways.
and for those who never been here, i must say this is samting like a shopping mall system, yu went upstairs you'll be in a trail to edgware road, take another floor, there's the waterloo trail, take another floor will be another trail and so forth..
my first encounter using the tube system was when me and frens decide to tour london a bit.. [kinda searching for the london bridge that time].. at first i was confused.. have to take this tube, exchange at this station, take another tube, and blalala.. the map was like an electronic circuit.. bercerabang-bagai.. and i let the trex&lond doing the reading and i'd follow the flow.. but when i have to [several times] using this on my own, then, i'd become an expert [especially waterloo-westminster-bayswater path].. ah-ha.. pejam mate pon ble sampai..
hnm.. point is.. i adore, i idolize, i salute their underground system. not only efficient, but also very dependable especially the punctuality.
always wondered how at first they-british made this happen. its like 7 lapis tren under the ground and still, they got beautiful-buildings on top of that.. that must've been taking so much time to really create the system, whether the building comes first or the underground first.. or they grew paralel-ly.. hnm.. should read their history on this..
*[i hate reading history, luv to just hear it from one's mouth..i remembered how much i like it when kakfidah-doktor sakit jiwa from king's-college yg tgh bertugas at guildford's hospital sini, storying of how northen ireland and ireland is being different, why the northern is a part of UK and why the others is called ireland.. thats when i do listen to history, if not, i'll be dozed off]*

but, on the other hand, i hate them being so racist.
yaa i'd noticed them being racist eversince my first step at heathrow. this is especially done to us pakai-tudung girls. we waited for almost 3 hours in the arrival dept. and they let those people from another country passed us by. only to find out at the end, we should have been passed first!
we had this job interview the past-2-weeks, and they obviously didnt look for a strong character on us, they'd rather pick a lousy-cant even say a word pon during the interview- than picking us.. i know im being rudely accusing here but to the heck laa.. discrimination sucks, ok! being an emo here doesnt mean im being unfair to all of them. but this racism applied to most of them. they simply had this internal hiatus against us bertudung, i knew it. i worked 3 days at this 'samting' and the manager simply called me saying that he had enuff staff at the moment, only to find out on the other week that they hired someone else : she's chinese. [hell i dont blame the new-girl ituh.. i blame the british-manager]. obvious?
come to think of it, wats wrong with being in this tudung?

mood of the moment: emo.
song of the moment: gerhana ska cinta - mimpi
i wanna be: a DJ [muah-hah-haaaaaaaa]

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