Thursday, January 20, 2005

**salam aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin all**

timba yg patot carik perigi ke perigi kene carik timba?

sape kate org lelaki tak bergosip? hell yeah they did gossip.. blah ah~!
im not gonna provoke that.. for i did claim that woman do do gossip.. so whut.. atlis thats wat made us alive lalela:-"

and niway.. back to the issue i wanna bring-up..
[mind you: this is not to kutok this guy.. plis read to the end! its the point inside his story that i wanna elaborate]
1.there's this guy in our place.. err.. kind of a man who people sometimes look-up to.. i'd put him as a 'popular-guy' among us here.. [for absolutely err.. he is the only guy - that's what made him glemer].. and ok.. i'm not interested and.. one day we travel london.. and another guy who is sitting beside him in the coaster asked him..
"ade org interested.. ko dah ade awek blom?" ---ayat samting like that.. samting like "bebetol tanye ni.. jgn la tipu.. kalo ade ckpla ade.. ade org interested ni".. and sorry.. we girls at the back of the coaster did 'pasang tinger' and i shockly looked at laily, laily looked at husna, husna looked at me.. sesi pandang memandang berlaku seketika.. berbisik kat diorg :"guek salah dengar ke tuh?"...
i often heard this situation.. yup.. but only on girl side.. nih first time dgr org merisik2 kaum lelaki.. aiyohh ammaa..

2.there's this fren of mine [a girl] is konfessing to a guy she adored.. [for she is samting brave+confident kind of thing].. me: "berani sial ko!" i kinda jump-off when hearing that.. yance's-boifren is having an affair with 2 girls.. and when i asked him :"awek ko sihat?".. he replied:" awek kebende? die tak mari2 approach aku pon" and i was terngAngAa.. trend ke skang ni awek yg approach balak? and he said:" takkan nak tunggu aku dulu kot.. aku malu" and he was waiting for both girls whoeva approaching first.. yaAllahhh.. guek kejang!

4.a few gediks2 girls secare selambebombe nye snap picture of my yance semase makan di ss15 dan di sunway pyramid? wut the heck! rase nak penampor.. [sabar che pah sabor]..

ok.. i bet there's lotsa cases for i cant remember for now..
thing is.. after that, we woman sit n gossips.. zaman dah berubah.. and i said to laily n husna.. cemane ni? memang camtuh ke? kite kene ikot trend tuh ke? trend yg mane pompan akan propose lelaki.. or pompan akan start the first-step termasoklah proses mengorat? or trend yg mane pompan yg kene konfess dulu if she like the guy yeh.. or trend yg mane pompan akan tehegeh2 kat lelaki? mcm pompan2 jepon kan ramai kan yg gedik2 dulu kat lelaki.. [eg. naruto, slamdunk, stobewi on sotkek, god gimme one more time, to heart..] owh.. dimana mahu kusorokkan muke if i had to start to confess? duhhh!~
kalo ituhla yg benar2 berlaku.. kesianlah kat pompan2 pemalu seantaro malaysia.. [ i bet theres lotsa shy-girl yg jenis laki tuh tunjoklah die suke cemane pon.. pompan tuh tetap malu nak konfess selagi laki ituh tak konfess]

cmon guys.. cemane zaman ituh berubah sekalipon.. cemane dunia ituh dijajahi pompan sekalipon.. yu guys shud start the first step in a relationship.. kesian kat wanita pemalu seantaro malaya.. i don say that woman can't do the confession first.. but plis dont make it as a trend.. plis.. tolong.. plissss.. i don wanna things to turn-upside-down terbalik~

mood of the moment:raya yang sgt2 muram.. sedihhhhnye~
song of the moment:beatles-she loves yu ya!ya!ya! yeahhhh!~
i wanna be:in malaysia celebrating this raya not alone!

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