Monday, January 17, 2005

**plis help me with this situation!!!**

duhh~ class again..
its past an hour of the 1st class of the new semester when then i realized that that-face look familiar.. then i turn to laily beside me and was :"eh..sape name lekcere nih?" and laily and husna both turn to me and said "dr.j3ff" and doink~! "lahh.. nih supervisor guek!" and we laugh..
"hey girl how come yu diden notice him from the beginning?"
masyaAllah i've been dreaming and khayal the whole hour demit! ituhlah sejurus selepas sedar diri ituh.. i stared at him and eh-eh.. mcm penah kulihat wajah ini.. tapi dimana yaa~

people said that situation fell to those "love is in the air" people.. but not for me.. my bf and i had some major-crisis thru the skype just before the class and yu can imagine how i didnot exist in the class.. hnm.. #-o [poor girl]

the day before.. i've been sms-ed by my fren's boy saying his unsatisfaction about her girl ituh.. and i was like.. hnm? am i gonna put my hands in this relationship at first.. but i did answered him for i cant stand the curiosity.. [yaa.. there goes the first wrong step i made]..
so then.. i called the girl.. [im not the person who accept one side of story].. and i go: heyy girl.. whats going on beb? why is that? why is this? what happened really? and its just that..
i have no intention of backing-her-up or trying to cover her or wateva.. i just wanna know the real condition there. i wanna be fair. titik.
--without knowing that the boy is rite beside her that very moment and there goes this weird sms from him after that "siot ko chep4h.. tanak kawan ngan ko sampai mati!" and i choked.. gulp :-&
that is so mean! whateva that means and whateva im wrong.. i cant figure.. people!!!!! help me!
[and by all mean whats his intention of complaining to me in his first place? i tot he's samtin like plis help me figure out or samtin like plis solve this.. so i had had to be fair rite?]... and im sooo wrong.. eh?
boy.. if yu ever read this.. here's my thousands apology.. i donno wat else todo.. too guilty too shy perhaps.. hnm.. kawan2 sekalian... PLEASE TELL ME IF I'M WRONG???

mood of the moment:masok yan, dah ade 3 lelaki guek gadohkan skang.. so.. is this samtin 'gadoh-ngan-kaum-adam' month for me?
song of the moment:goo goo dolls-iris [instead of yan&azizi's verse yg gulp :-& azizi nyanyi woooho]
i wanna be:supermodel

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