Tuesday, January 25, 2005

**owh tuhan kuberserah segalanya kepadamu**

in the RFIC&MMIC class...
ø [its a zero-0 with a slash]
this a phy-character.. [pronounce fai/fi]

my lecturer - an englishman was explaining this equation when he mentioned 'fai'.. then he asked our small class.. what du yu rilly call this? a 'fai' or a 'fi'?

and a guy from greek membantah: "noh.. its a fi!"
and the 4-guy from UK: "its a fai!"
and the 4-guy from hongkong:"its a fai!"
and the 4-guy from india:"its a fai!"
and me the only malay/girl:"err.. [i cant remember..].. its a fai.. [secare confident]"
and the guy from greek: "look.. it must been pronounced as a 'fi' internationally someday.. eventually.. bekoz the character is a greek-char"
and the lecturer: "du yu know ancient-greek?"
the greek-guy: "err.. not quite.. a lil' bit"
the lecturer: "then yu shouldnt be too sure about this also rite?"

i must say the greek-fellas are the most conceit [err.. intellectual-snob i shud say..] in the class.. they never talk to us malay.. sumbung banget!! tak heran!~ [but they had a very good skin complexion compared to those british]:-s

point taken: dulu2 mase study cikgu kite sebot fai ke fi ek?? tak engat dowh~

this entry has no moral value.. [intimate impact of seeing movie:CLOSER yg tade moral value tapi saye suke natalie portman la.. die mcm alala rachel leigh cook ituh..] and check-out this movie's theme song: best

mood of the moment:broken up
song of the moment: damien rice-blowers daughter
i wanna be:back to the past 6years [that is so 1st year.. and i don have this mind of needing ** that very moment.. gulp]

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