Friday, December 31, 2004

**happy betdey to me**

today is 31st december nd today is my birthday..
i don wanna grow up.. i'm a toisaros kid.. im getting old.. finished tadika.. i entered T.B.S-tunku besar school, t4mpin.. finished UPSR.. i entered ssp kL.. finished SPM, i entered UM.. finished bachelor degree in electrical engineering, i went working at telco-company, d4mansara perdana,PJ.. unfinished workload.. i went to uni of surr3y,UK.. and im stuck.. microwave engineering n wireless subsystems design.. ok.. don laugh! guek pon tatau asal guek amek course ni.. aiyohhh~ niway.. thousands thanx to my own universe..

1:11.45pm-malaysia:bapak bapak ku.. my father is the 1st person wishing.. [so does mom.. tapi ayah je yg becakap kat tepon.. talarat nak tunggu kol 12.. dia nak tido dah tuh]..
2:11.57pm&12.04am-malaysia:boiprenku yance.. thanx emmuahh
3:12.08am-malaysia:besprenku ejahat.. thanx emmuahh jugak:d
4:12.38am-malaysia:ex-bf sue:kolleh.. thanx.. takble emuah..
5:0745am-malaysia=11.45pm-UK:imah.. thanx.. emuahhh [imah malas nak tunggu sampai kol12 sbb die dah nantok..ceit:p]
6:12.15am-UK:ida-bristol.. thanx.. emmuahh
7:12.45am-UK:owwe, lond n pidah.. thanx.. emmuahh [misej masok skali ngan call]
8:12.46am-UK:sue.. thanx.. emmuahh
9:12.47am-UK:laily.. thanx.. emmuahh
10:1.25am-UK:nana.. thanx.. emmuahh
hsbc, kaklong, ana, abe, shake, jija, bum, peachy, minyat.. [hnm.. eni leftovers? sori if mistaken]

last year's was at starbucks klcc with eja n oa.. cheesecake:(
las-last year's was at secret recipe midvalley with vistas.. stroberi on the sotkek..:(
las-las-last year's was at chicken hutz midvalley with close-frens [transferred to the mall dah this shop]:(.. chocs cake
las-las-las-last year's dah tak engat ahhh:(
wateva it is.. this year is the damnest:( wishes came from far.. no more hugs n kisses.. :((.. thing is.. i wanna be close to my closest family.. closest frens.. closest love at this moment.. and its pathetic.. out of reach~
this year's: spending own sweet-time in front of this wireless keneksen while answering those phone-calls & SMSs..
and my nu-yer resolutions are:
1.gonna finish this postgrad-study as soon as i can and be back in malaysia sooner:( less.. hnm..:> hafta-haftaa
3.europe-tour.. [onli if i manage to stop my shopaholic-habit and do tight-saving]
4.tido awal banon awal tiap hari!~
5.consistent.. tamo dah study last minute.. nanak jadik rajin.. ewahh.. [mcm takkan.. tapi.. letak jugak]
6.last year's resolution.. hnmm.. i'll see about it.. [imah paling akan benci dgr tang azam yg nih:D].. yakin boleh!~
7.err.. err.. nak kuroskan badan:">... mcm tak bole je:(.. tapi.. nak jugak masok dlm list :-" [walopon takkan bejaye nyer:D]

[kredo to those bespren's blog for entrying posting of my betdey.. thanx :* :* Muahhmmuahh]
[read: sue's & imah's blog on the same date as mine]

mood of the moment:mari melepak lepak
song of the moment: keane-everybodys changing
i wanna be:supermodel

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