Monday, September 06, 2004

**beware criminal!!~**

the first of all...
thousands thanx to eja+minyak n jjay+syuk for kaming to my kenduri doa selamat aka farewell last friday...
such a long journey huh??:">hehahaha
thanx a lot a lot alot..lalala..i rilly appreaciate...adela habuannyehh tuh..:p

the title: imah n i were discussing our future when one by one of our closest fren enganged / married/ un-single enimore...
so then we were like..takotnyeh..kite ni bile nak kawen kot??
so then imah came out with her intention:
she will be like 'ter' exchange luggage with some handsome man at the airport during her departure to london nanti...
so..beware! imah with her cruel intention ituh...
she will seek the handsome man..and do what to do..
but niwayy...enibadi with the secret-mission or secret-feeling towards imah and handsome-chinese-look[i think she like chinese-look]...
yu out there!..just pretend yu were departuring somewhere too..
and try seek her attention and nahh..
exchange yor luggage..
yor dreams to tackle imah will kam tru!!..
no kiddin hahahahaha...
[i don think i see imah hassle puttin this on my blog..ngehngehngehh gelak saitannn]

owho..reminder..marilaa turon klia beramei2 this friday okie!~
mood of the moment: takot + sedeh + mcm mcm adaaa [mma] hahaa
song of the moment: 3 doors down- here widot yu :((
i wanna be:with you!~

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