Friday, August 27, 2004

**i wanna hold your handddddddd**

warning: this might make yu wanna puke...[atlis a lil']...
but i still want to let it out..
i was crying out the moment..[syhhhh]

instead of me singing the "im leaving on the jetplane" lindaAF-verse...
im the one that had to say farewell to beloved-boipren...duhh

i had to sent him klia this morning..
its actually i started crying in the heart ever since he announced his flight which was actually on 22nd august at first..
but then he postponed to this morning-27th august 2004..
so yesterday we had our last dinner together at chili's-midvelli..
[bersempena our first met at chilis klcc..
1st time bersua muke+berkenalan+everything-
which was around last 3 years..around end of 2001...
i was accompanying jjay yg nak blinddate ngan joetosan..
and yance temankan joetosan ituh]..

after the dinner then i spent the whole nite with him..
just to make sure we had each other for every mins left ..
for a memory watevaa..
and this morning is the last time i had to see his full-himself...
then have to wait around 1 year until i come back from UK..
and that is so not near...:((
sedeyh sedeyh..:((..huhuhu..

mcm dah tak pedulik dah org sekeliling tadi..
i cried and holding my breath..until i got a phone call from kampung..
nasib baik my sis yg call..
agak hairanlaaa die apsal budak nih menangis tak tentu pasal..
then i told her my location and she understood and she was like...
rilekk..jgn naness..
"huhu kaklong...nih baru berpisah ngan boipren..tataula nanti cenner nak berpisah ngan femili pulak"..
and then she also want to cry..and there goes the crying out loud part in klia..
and now im confused..btolke nak gi UK nihh????am i that strong??duhh..

yaAllah jauhkanlahh aku dr lelaki tak kacak ituh...:(( ----salu je tade keneme..:D

so going back kg today..
so..eniting call me at 06-..
[yu guys alredi know la the max1s-ble-masok-msg-je kat kg pasir ambor tuh]

my flight to UK is on 10th of september..[to be confirmed laytahh]..
so everyone..plisplisplis..go complete yor leave-form for that day..
manela tau kot that was the last time yu guys ever see me in this big-fat-ass..
kot balik nanti slim comelcomelan kang dah rindu lak perot guekk..:D

awakkkkk....sayanggggg awakkkkkkk!!!!~~~~~~~~~
[bole tak nak menjerit sinin??agak ramaila yg berbulu ngan guek lepas nih..tapi tak kire..nak gak tulis gitu...sedeyh ok!]

mood of the moment: its so sad..babe don look so sad
song of the moment: i miss you
i wanna be:i dunno

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