Wednesday, September 22, 2004

**c a n y u h e l p m e f i n d a w a y t o c a r r y o n a g a i n **

principles of telecommunications & packet networks...
dets my class attended today for god's sake its a 3 hours lecture..
exception to those 2times tea-break after each hours which were sooo sekejapp bangat
i cant even breathe...
my concentration only last for the first 45mins as usual..the rest was given to tulis lirik stuff at my a4 paper..conteng2..temenong2..tingat2 to femili..tingat2 msia..tingat2 korang!!!~~~huhuhu ai mis yu guys! mention the names kah??yu know yorselves..

to those yg amek c programmin under nik nazri nik ma...shud remembered those stories he did told during the first class..the class was for 2 hours..but he refused to teach until that much for he did understood human concentration only last atlist for the maximum of an will stop after 1 hour and we all can go away..
hoyehhh..i myself can only konsentret 45mins..until 1 hour..kire oke la..dr dok tahan 2 jam dokk??
so then now i have to maintain consentration for 3 hours..i will die!~:((
nik nazri is among the best lecturer..his class is sempoi..
one day he told us the day on his undergrad-days at london..
[i fogoten which uni..]
at the first time he was cultural shock with the UK..
went to harrods and amazed with the smells of parfum..lots of tons of the kind..
got carried away with the love he found..
got married in the year..then he was kicked by the uni for not attending class n failure watsoevaa..
so then his scholars knew..the family in malaysia is frustrated...
he started learning from the mistake..
then he started all over again..started with a parttime job at the mcdonalds..
[especially to support his new-born baby n the new-femily he made]
he applied to another uni..
[i think its york uni ke apetah i cant remember]..
study while parttiming is a bit risky especially when yu have to think about the ne femili members og yorself..but he's with this strenght..the backbone of his success after that::his wife n the children.
then he's excell with his name in the dean's student there n then..
bck to mesia to pay back all the hutang piutang and watevaa it is..he's succeeded..
at the end of the class..he was like:"eyh..apsal saye cerite seme nih kat awak2??"
and we were fascinated~

mood of the moment:lapar tapi bbdak tuh dah konker kitchen taleh nak masak huhu:((
song of the moment: ramli sarip + kathy ibrahim-doa buat kekasih
i wanna be:superman!ble terbang balik rumah mak makan sesedap:(

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