Tuesday, August 03, 2004

**demn yuh mindy**

"i have good news for you..i want to marry you!!!:D...if yu donwan to marry me..i'll marry some fat-ass-guy..i'll take drugs..i'll drink alcohol..i'll gain weight..i'll become fat.."

i donno she's who...but this story is about tony leung and sammy cheng and this-spoken girl
[which i think is mindy kot name die]..
by the time mindy said those..tony leung was like...#-o...duhhh....!~

he was about to break with her...but then she said those...so wat to do?

sammy cheng is the woman tony leung rilly want at the time..
so,then after the-mindy girl said the dialog..
tony leung called sammy cheng and said nothing..
and sammy cheng was like...
"plis said samtin.....i understand....sobsobsob..plis scold me..i want to cry so that i can feel relieve after that..."...
kesiannnn sammy chengg...siannn...
and i guess..that is the feeling when you know he's with someone but you still fell in love with him...
and you dont have the strength and you just go with the flow...
[cerite cine tv3 yg dah byk kali giler tayang...]

so..im here!!~~..
saye dah sampai kl...
my flight was late..suppose to depart at 10.30am..
tapi ade kerosakan teknikal...so..sampai klia near 2pm..
so..after that yance have to bergegas polang ke mmu for his lab and i was dumped here in mmu's-computer-lab...
[lepas nih kene delete history seme..kot tak pakcik lab-asistant kat bakang tuh tau aku bukan student mmu]
fuhh..so..nana..kam collect yor t-sert..sape lagi??kodot?? --mmg nak ke???:p
esok will be my hileriyes day kot...a few things to catch up..

i had 3 things to istikharah...i was about to resign..
dan-dan tuh jugak kampeni bohodoh tuh nak kasi laptop...
demn yuh fol3c!..
patu...time2 serabot nak gi sambung study nih..
si motorola offer keje puler...esok kene gi amek offer-letter..
duhh...and now im confused...nak gi ke tak UK ni?????
owh tuhan...jauhkanlah aku dari lelaki tak kacak ituh...:((------tade kenemene..:D

but i think my first priority is to london bridge is folin don..folin don..folin don...
tapi seme segale makneka documents to MARA seme skali blon antar..sempatkah???
tolong tolong tolong...bang berahem tolong bang berahemmm....tolonggg....

mood of the moment: nantoks
song of the moment: terdengar2 lagu januari boleh???:D-by glenn
i wanna be:stewardess..hikhikk

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