Wednesday, June 02, 2004

**stop staring at my......goshhh!!**

so my pc brokedon----i donno better werd...
those computer-freak at MMU ituh finalize a solution:tukaa je motherbod...huhuu...:((..
so today i sent the cpu to my MIS department..see how he can see the problem..
[more to nak soh die try tuka my old-damn-RAM ituh sebananyehh..]

a month to cry...economical-crisis in my life..
i was very serabot+koya when i accidently turn into R-gear at the traffic-light...dummmm!!!~kreeokkkkk... eii??eyyy??eyh??..
a chinese-guy [in a pajero with the kangaroo-bar kat depan tu] 's face turn red..
with that shock+kering darah+menggelabah stuff in myself..i swerved to the left..
the pajero-guy turun kete..scolded me there n then..
herannye..entah kenape i was like tak mendengar pon apepe..
masih dalam khayalan kot..
checked his engine..ewiting ok for his part...
he's gone..but mine:kemek+agak menyampah dilihat..
i wuz there..standing still..tatau nak watpe..
then la baru misej yanz & imah telling the accident..
no credit to call nobody..
[name nak call my mom..abisla..dan-dan tuh gak kang die turon kl kang..duhh]..
so..i shut-up and continue to one-utama to buy some movie-tix..tak dpt tix pon..
the day after tomorrow sold-out..duhh..sesia xcden..

the next monday i went to office..ewibody was like:
"che pah..apekene kete ko??"
"sapelak langgar kete ko kali ni che pah??"
"ko langgar lembu lagi ke che pah"
"accident lagi??"
"ko nii asek eksiden jeee"
"che fah..che pah..che fah"---amoi yg tak weti sebot che pa..

i don have eni intention of telling enibodi the truth of the stupidity ituh..
so..i just smile and said.."kesiann che pa..kesian che pa..:(("..
and everiwan was like "kesian che pah" juge..
bile dah ade 44 org ckp centuh..harosla che pah menjadi kesian kannn...

then i remembered my status at YM..its a :kesian che pah :((..
the stetus went out before the i guess i have the 6th sense..
wahahahhahaha..retard..[awaklaa retard:P]

this is a week of JW Marriott..seminggu dah asek ulang-alik ke marriott..
[damn..the penthouse ituh sgtla tempting nyehh ok..more thn RM5k a nite ok! a nite ok!..
the jacuzzi!..fuhfuhh..deym!]..
hohoe..remind yuh..i design the coverage enhancement system in this hotel..
so..enibadi wif the coverage buzz me..
[maxs/t1mecell only lalala]..
believe me the coverage was damn power even inside toilet!:-"...---muke belagak...hahaha..
belagak lagi skali lalala..
[agagage..ape agaknye citer design2 kat sabah ituh ek..salu je ngelak ewitime my boss soh gi sabah..nape die suke sgt soh guek gi sabah ek??
bosan dohh dok promenade ituh tade geng]

the deymn-jam in front of pwtc-sekolahseriputeri ituh sgt la mengherankan..
tetibe kat pekeliling..rilekkk je..tade kete..berjalan lancar je..
WLH1839----sue this perdana V6 kaler hitam..
adeke patot die tanak begerak bile ambulans kat bakang die dok ninoninoninoo..
there's lotsa space in the left!
bole je die kekiri sekejap..isk isk..
wase nak je ton kete kasi penampa..:D..
[ttibe tingat naik kete nan imah on way back/pegi sate k4jang..its raining..ade kete bomba kat bakang ni dok ninoninonino..siap honk honk..flash-lite..ble je imah tak sedar..ehahaha..mati kene sumpah dek driver die ek..ehahaha..agaknye rumah tebakar tuh dah hangos baru kete bomba sampai..:d]

so..this is the ritest song at the moment..lets sing along.. 

Hey mom..Why diden you tell me
Why diden you teach me a thing or two
You just let me go..Out into the world
You never tot to share what you knew

So I walked under a bus..I got hit by a train
Keep falling in love..Which is kinda the same
Ive sunk out at sea..Crashed my car, gone insane
And it felt so good..I want to do it again

Hey mom..Why diden you warn me
Coz about boys is something I should have known
Their like chocolate cake..Like cigarettes
I know theyre bad for me..But I just cant leave em alone

Hey mom..Since were talking
What was it like when you where young
Has the world changed..Or is it still the same
A man can kill and still be the sweetest fun

mood of the moment:no idea
song of the moment:bachelor girl-buses n train
i wanna be:jennifer aniston..hehehe

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