Wednesday, November 23, 2005

** a silence i cant ignore **

1: 20th november 2005
selamat penantin baru puan farah nadia aka oWwe & Ibrahim Johan aka BJ
yupp, we did rawk the Dewan Merak Kayangan by our unshamed voices.
bagai nak runtoh dewan ituh. and so sorry to the organizing committe [the GBs], our table didnt really listen to the slideshows because we were busy eating, provided, pacat had her voice all out that we can only see the slideshow with pacat's stories. [sila bayangkan sebentar]. ahaha dah lame gile tak dgr citer klaka pacat.

2:27th november 2005
my sis is getting engaged coming sunday. all are welcomes at kg pasir ambor.

3:4th december 2005
ana is getting married [this one for real]

4:11th december 2005
his side

5:everybodys tying the knot.
speaking of which, i myself have another hnmm less than 10days left and pity me, i am all cried out.
dear god, please make him strong to say that. or should i given up?

mood of the moment: malasssssssssssssssssss
song of the moment: 3rdeyeblind - hows it gonna be
i wanna be:a star.


red.blooded.woman said...

to say wat cipah? wat? nak kena propose ke? aaawwww.. shuuiiiiiiitt.

videL said...

mmg tak arrrrrrrrr :((((((((( huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:((((
bukan zasya.. jauh skali sgt jauh ituh!~