Thursday, July 07, 2005

** tuhanku **

went to school like nothing happened.
i know nothing.
heard the voices whispering to each other.
dont go to london today?? whats happening man?
am not advise to go to london.. why?
read the warning: You were not advice to go to London due to the series of bomb-attack on the London Underground this morning.
automatically called imah, no answer.
called suri, no answer.
oiy angkatlah telepon woii.. i wanna know what happened.
nevermind, i go shopping.
yance called.
awak mana? london kene bomb blalalala balik cepat.mak called.
balik sekarang! dudok dlm rumah! jangan keluar selama sebulan! [exaggerated]
menteri pon pesan jangan keluar rumah blablalaa.. [mak mmg suke dgr ckp menteri]
messanges, many, sorry frens, i cant reply: insufficient credits.
all worried. while im doing the shopping.
insaf dan bergegas pulang.
messages bederet2 on my YM.
we were in good condition. dont worry. pray for our safety.
making phone-calls.. to those who really worried.
called kedutaan malaysia at london:
hi, im haliza, i would like to know if somebody with the name of ahmad tarmizi mat husin happened to be involve in the tragedy?
you who?
im his sister.bla bla bla.
ok i'll inform you if we get any news regarding this man.
thank you.

[eja, dun worry ok. he survived during WTC, survive again he will be]
got imah online on msn. she's fine but afraid to go home. she's at school.
yu tekkeh dude.
tony blair said it was surely a terrorist attack. geleng kelape.
huh they did it again. first thing came across my mind: more and more discrimination towards muslim.
remembered how ina and husband being sergah by this group of british-tenaagers on the way to tesco and they yelled loudly : TERRORIST! TERRORIST!
Ya Allah, selamatkanlah kami disini. Jauhkan dari bencana. Amin.
Frens. I need more from your prayer. pray for our safety. Please.

they read: all london's transportation system being closed. dun go to town.
i read: omigod my paris trip nexwik! huwaaaaaa:(((((

ouh. pidah and owwe called. they were still in the eurostar, going back from paris tonite. huhuk wonder where they'll gonna stuck, no tubes, no buses, and owwe's house at edgware road:one of the attacked place summore. dewds, i pray for your safety home.

i cant stop worrying now. headspin. worried about our safety. not only worried of being in the place of bomb-incident, but also being the attack of the revenger.
mane tawu ade mane2 orang tak bertamadun yg pikir sebab yg bomb tuh org islam, so, seme org islam nih same nih kene bunoh diorg nih. bolehtak gwe berpikiran sebegini negatif? bolehkot. :-s

owh.. remember my entry adoring london's underground system and after that kutok about the discrimination? kene close the entry kot takot kene tuduh sbg teroris.

[org kusot2 kepale dia kusot2kan lagi kepale org]

mood of the moment:felt squeezed. utterly worried.
song of the moment:sela on seben-buatku tersenyum.
i wanna be:safe.tapi mcm susah aje nak klua masok london dah.

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