Saturday, November 20, 2004


i was arranging my photos...
decided to upload all old-pixx @the
and the all-the-latest @the
when screening thru all those old stuff then i found this old-pix...
yaallahh..kelakaaaa campo bodos nyeh

ok.. the story.. this is around 2001 i guess..
when gravitating around the bantal2-corner-3rdfloor-midveli megamall
[i like this department most esp those bantal2/pillowcases/bedsheets/quilts.. macam mak-mak gile]..
there's this booth by epson-people..
promotioning their latest epson-brand-printer kot tah tak ingat..
then.. they want to cubetesttryuji..
so then menjadik model-epson disitu.. adoi.. this is my 1st time kene mekap kot
[uncounted: those child's age berebut2 nak kene mekap olih those maksedare2]..
mase tukang-mekap tuh cocoh eyeliner i was like meleleh airmate.. sakek la bodoh!..
ampon.. time tuh i swear.. that's the last time i ever wear make-up..
susah sial.. wahaha.. time tuh la kan.. kesian tak same guek??..
nak mekap pon tak reti.. iskk.. cemane nak jadik pompan sejati ni.. eheheks..
takpe.. ble belaja.. sonangg je..
the worst part is to amek gamba kat situ..
ya amponnn.. malu siot..
and the output:gamba ni.. tak nampak sgt pon mekap..
nampak sgt printer epson tak bes.. ahahaha kejii..

mood of the moment:lapar
song of the moment:the used-noise n kisses
i wanna be:supermodel!~

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