Wednesday, November 17, 2004

**i du believe in fairies..i do..i do..**

i tried to remember the story:peterpan...which part i like most hah??
owh..the peterpan himself..hemsem sgt budok tuh...ituh la asek tingattingat part i do bilif in fairies..i do..i do...eheheks..

so i went to odeon-guildford with lond&taires to watch finding neverland...
duhh..boring first i was like sleeping all the way..
but its kinda sweet towards the end..
especially when remembering the part she died.. hehu..
yeah i'm lucky to have parents still alive.. thank god.. i luv yu mom n dad..
yaaa i woe.. when close-person to mine passed-away.. i'd felt the feeling...
i know.. i can say i'm simply oversensitive samtimes..
kate org pahang:cengeng.. argh..
i cried alot.. i cried when listening to others crying..
i cried listening to my bespren's storied about her-adik's 1st day at some school and her adik cried sebab mcm semorang makbapak antar ke sekolah on first day.. while.. die nih..tade ayah nak antar..:((..
she cried during the storying.. so do i..
i cried when listening to my boipren cried storying of how his uncle fetch him at a-boarding-school telling that there's kinda party going on at his home..
only to find out when reach home..
everybody's gathering and its his dad passed-away..
i cant help that i cried too..

like i always said:
if one day you feel like me..
i dont promise yu that i'll make you laugh..but i'll cry with you..
if one day yu want to runaway..don be afraid to call me..
i dont promise to ask yu to stop..but i'll run with yu..
if one day yu don want to listen to me..
and i promise to be very quiet..:(
but..if one day yu call and there's no answer..
come fast to see me..perhaps i need you... 

life's too short to be wasted to woe all the time..
so.. to those who ever lost somebody..lost enibodi..or even lost nobody..cheer up ok..
yang dulu..usah dirindu..hilangkanlah dari hatimu..doaku buatmu kekasihhh...

eyh..nih apehal melalot2 nih..cakap pasal apeje tadi?astagaaaa~
terbabas terkuar topik..mmg suke membebel..iskkk...
the hongkong-clan in this house tried to make the puding-roti..
patu terjadik puding jagong:-o.. wahaha.. tak ahh.. tapi.. tak jadik aa.. kesian:(..
asal aku asek silap kasi resipi ke ek??
rase dah betol dah..
"has1fah.. why is the puding is not the same as yours:("..
the-one-with-everyday-question-wheres-yo-rumet tuh ngadudombe.. kesian..
patu.. i made a choc cake for no-purpose..
mbe sbb choc-cake mase raye arituh telupe nak disimpan sikit kot..
so.. watla skali lagi..
and the hongkong-clan ituh seme taksob n pakat mintak resipi ituh pulok...
haros lepas ni aku bantaiii je masak apepepon diorg mintak jugak resipi ek??

[nak tenok bridget jones diary:(...trex ngan lond ckp this will be their last movie ere:(]
[eyh gamba raye dah upload byk giler: ]

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