Tuesday, May 18, 2004

**tengkiyu..yu made my mind up for me**

i read my fwen's blog..talking bout this:"how does it feel to fall in love"
so i talk..hmm..well well...the cruellest thing a guy can do is to let a girl fall in luv with him but he don intend to catch her fall..---sumtin like it..duhh..

my first crush was when im in standard 2:
boris bc fernandez-----he's the senior in the school..
[halaa..lupe nak bwk balik his picture..i got his pic..tapi dlm magazine sekolah laa..]...
seriyes hemsem..
[at det time laa..i was like..fuhh..kalola dpt main rounders ngan mamat niii..wakakakka]..
ala..bebudak..ske laa..tenok hemsem skek dah wase jatoh centa..
tah hapehape tah..he donnoe me..so what??..
he's serani samtin like tht..
and the glemeres..
bebudak T.B.S surely knew him punyer..
yet the las news about him was he's engaged with this singapore airlines's stewardess..damn!~

sue ckp..when yu fall in luv..yu fil like butterflies in the stomach..
yeke sue?..
theres lotsa expression kot..
ade org ckp..wase cen tiap2 kali bedepan..yor werds wont fil rite..yor knees stumbled..yu kenot slip..yu kenot eat..mandi tak basah seme tuh..wo..wats the truelest feeling??
for me..erm..i think its when i fil like crying when he's not picking up my phonecall..
not replying my messages..
or..when he's hanging up when the line is there..
[eh mcm kenal ayat ni]..
atlis for the first 3 months..hentahla..
i don rilly have the exact feeling la kot..mcm susah nak describe..

sape dah tenok troy??
tataula tang mane nak connect kan my blog's question ngan the troy nih..
tapi nak gak mention..ske sgt mase achilles(bradpit) gado ngan hector(eric bana) ituh..fufuu..dedue pon macho wow wow..hiyihihihii..
i found samtin medical about this achilles:
[bloghopping aida's blog]----tak kenalponn...:d
The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body,
and it is located in one of the most overused and under-appreciated body parts-the foot.
Because the foot is subjected to great amounts of stress everyday
 (while running the pressure on each foot can be four times normal body weight)
it is prone to injuries..
Achilles' mother tried making the son immortal by dipping him into the River Styx,
while holding him by his ankle.
His ankle is therefore the only portion of him capable of sustaining wound.

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