Friday, February 13, 2004

**sooo sweeeeeeet**

so swiiiitttt...
i suppose dets the best phrase i should award to this swit lady i fon at kelanajaya business centre.
i was hiking up the carparks ramp at menara LHDN to settle my income-tax..
then this lady came don in her wira1.5...
i was like tatauuu nak gi maner..
so..i just parked there at 1st floor when this woman stopped n advise me to park at 3rd floor..
at first i blurred..but i foloed her instruction..
no doubt..3rd floor was so much better..siap ader pakgad jage..
no wonder tade sape park 1st n 2nd floor..
thenlaa i noticed yeahh..dis building was so ..menakotkan..
sebbaik i foloed her advice kankan..kot tak sure eniting would heppen..
yerlaa..those parking-lots yg bukan sahaje empty..
malahan sgt tak nampak dr mate kasar..fooo..slamatt~~..
well..niwayy..thanx to miss x ituh..
[manela tahu she reads my post heyihihihi]..

mood of the moment:flat
song of the moment:still crumbs sbb tadi denga dlm kete mase jam kat tunnel bwh uptown
i wanna be:superman----> leh tayah drive

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