Wednesday, January 04, 2006

** let there be love **

its not that im bz with worklife or anythose that kept me silence..
im bz watching days passed me by i guess.

last years memories were unfaded. i cant imagine how many things happened so fast, sometimes unrecognised, most of them were unintendedly done, and some of them.. were sickening me.
but i accept the fact that, not everything we want we will get.. not everybody's perfect.
i mean. i do get what i want lah. the italy trip, the paris trip.. those picnics with greatest buddies, a year in england with 4 seasons of loneliness, its a whole bunch of excitement i can never forget, made me less realize another huge thing going on on the other side of the world.

those memories, kept safe in my heart.
thanx people, the one that made me laugh and the one that made me cry.

31st december 2005.
my pre-birthday launch dinner was with yanz at madamlim's followed by a jamming session at subang-15. and blablabla.. i slept at 5am until late noon and then comes my formal-celebration @ chillis, oneutama.

thousand thanx to those berjaya datang.
many thanx to o'a yg sanggop fetch me at srid4mansara and his zul- yg ok la bole la masok ngan kitorg nih ek.. gile gile.
thanx to peachy yg awal2 dah sampai hehe.. pis pis..
thanx haa&hasben.. yor hasben rawk la dude. [mcmlaa haa bace blog nih]
thanx sue pon besusahpayah all the way from gsk nun..
zurah tuh takpayah la tunggu kitorg kat chillis kat bangsar nun kan, gila ka? patu bedesup, 10mins dia dah tecegat kat chillis kitorg.. power tak?
shake yg lambat tapi takpa, asalkan dah muncul cukop cunh dah..

and not to forget, those smsesessesss and phoney-calls :d
the wishes. thanx..
takot lak nak senaraikan takot tetinggai tapi try ek..
imah, e'ja, o'a, sue, shake, nana, kakeda, mazni, leli, lond, elle, hsbc(thefnkc?), khaizura, and most importantly: my family.
and ym's msgs. thanz thanx.
and frenster testis from those sile bace fenster.

coming 2006,
i hope i'll be a btter friend. to my friends.
i hope i'll be fair to evrybody.
i hope i can do more saving, no more credits nor defisit.
i hope to settle my petronas.
i want to sell my kelisa, anybody interested?
[i felt that the car bring me suwei, takdak ong lar]
and i want to buy a kancil-manual. [for saving purpose]
i actually had started thinking of buying a house. for me. like if [i said if hahhh], if lessay i didnt get married kan, atlis i have my own house kot. to linger. to decorate mcm gila sampai rumah tuh jadik mcm rumah org gile. bes nye rumah sendiri cat sanesini sesketi. besnye.
and i hope to become a matured-lady [tanak dah pangai budak2 gadoh sane gadoh sini]
and i dun want anymore crisis. whateva it means.
and i will start looking for a violin-class. [tingin sangat]
and i want to join futsal. boleh? boleh kot, mcm ade byk mase aje skang nih.
and as usual, nak kuruskan badan [which is for like dah bertahun2 dah azam nih].
and i hope by atlis august 2006, i have enuff money to backpacking around malaysia, or atlis gi sipadan. i soooo want to go there lah.

owho- i cant stop daydreaming dah nih.
till then, enjoy my betdey pictures here. boohooo ooo woooo woooo...

mood of the moment: sick and tired
song of the moment: no-way-sis - let there be love
i want to do that!that thing you do.


SyaHrIR said...

hehe.. aku luper ler betday ko cikpah... asek sebuk jer ngadap kijer nih.. anyway, haaaapppppyyy belated betday... i pray that u'll achieve all your hopes b4 year end...:D

~Tis§ot~ said...

hepi nu year... belated hepi birthday... and all the best to u dear.

asitoquehebbat said...

loh... biar betolll.. kancil manual! tp takpe.. semuge ko tabah hadapi jam kat pj. amin..

videL said...

trex&sya: thanx.. thanxx..
sue: kejiiii doakan aku tabah hadapi jam :))))))
atau aku patot refinance kelisa tuh ek? suwei laaa

<<< huda >>> said...

chepahh!!!ah-ha...still remember bout the violin class??? hehehe...dont forget to tell me soon if u've joined it!

videL said...

hehaaaa... yupyup.. come to kl la deyy.. apekeles dudok sarawak :-"

Pojan said...

chepahhhh, happy belated birthday!!!!

videL said...

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx pojan

nanako said...

wooww..mau join class violin ka??mau beli aku nyer violin antik ka???huhuhuhh...
atlis bley cover sket perbelanjaan aku sementara takde kije nih....

naiza said...

Che pah.. happy belated birthday gak.. terlambat sangat tak? aku actually baru je tau birthday ko bila.. dah la laa tak leh nak online.. tensi tensi

laily kok lanas said...

Lady with the white top is very nice and "generous" ;)

laily kok lanas said...

Lady with the white top is very nice and "generous" ;)

videL said...

apekah? kenapa ku blorrrr?

Anonymous said...

ku blurr juwaaaa... 8->

- kakashi -

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Anonymous said...

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