Saturday, December 03, 2005

** sedih tak berujung **

the apple-crunch ke apple-crunches ke apple-cruff ke apple-cr...
the person rite next to me is not eating that! he is not eating! and im so loving it!
aiyokkk susahnye jadi org pendiam [pendiam? wawa told imah that i'm pendiam :-"]
ok, how do you approach a person sitting next to you on a bus/tren/plane?
..for an apple-crunch

1. err excuse me.. seems like youre practising your own diet now and i think its a bit membazir to throw away such lovely apple-crunch, err, can i have yours?
2. look, look out there, there's a bird at our window!!~ [and grab the apple-crunch into own mouth]
3. dreamwalker? pretend that youre half asleep and eat. hohoho hidup mesti selambe
4. hi, my name is videl.. blalala.. apparently, im still hungry and youre not, can i have your apple-crunch?
5. you look familiar to me lah, and so does the apple crunch, can i have yours?
6. ko tanak apple crunch tuh kan? naknak! [ayat bersambung dan terus amek apple-crunch tuh tanpa perlu tunggu respon dia] lalu tidor secara tutop muke.

mood of the moment:jetlagg
song of the moment:daniel powter - a bad day
i wanna be: with my frens.

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owwek said...

oi ko kat uk ke? .....ganbatte-neh .....