Monday, February 14, 2005

**you had me at HELLO**

ahlaa like yu guys read when i updated my blog:P... tapi.. i update instead..
[my mind will always go like: 'mcm ade org nak bace pon..' tapi.. this is for my own-future-ref eniway.. bole bace semase hari tua.. akan-akan-datang nanti bole bace sukesuke like i always did.. i read my previous post myself eheheks gatal.. :D]

1.snowthe climax of the winter: first snow in surr3y was on 13th of february 2005.. duh i was on way to 'little-chef-restaurant'.. and it was quick.. tak sempat nak buat apepe.. sejuuuuukkk to the max.. but then.. hehooo the mission is completed.. nak sgt tgk snow secare live and 'been there done that'.. [only that i dont have the thrill of making eni snow-man huhuu]

2. r.o.s.e onlinefinally.. my addiction to this game is kinda ok-ok.. tak seterok the first few days.. mcm sampai tamo mamam ek.. erkkhh..

3. party
we had this party/potluck at battersea-court.. and laily&me has to do the desert-part.. so we went to kaklin's house to make these chocs-cake and cheese-cake.. [she got the super-duper-mixer.. not like some of my fren's mixer yg kene pegang nan tangan tuh duhh penattt].. yayy.. sunggoh sonok membuat kek.. licin hingge menjilat pinggan... nyiiihooooo.. [the look can be decieving..] tapi.. ahh.. mmg sodap kankankan?

[pix: we had nasi beriyani n ayam masak merah sedaps n stuffs]

[pixx: cheesecake nih nampak mcm tak sedap nih tapi subhanallah sgt sodappp.. puji diri sendiri.. tapi mmg sodap cume malas nak buat base die jeee :-s.. half the cake dan kasi org](dan bole nampak ak ade tulis H & L kat atas tuh for our initials ahahaha :has1fah&l4ily)

[pixx: nih plak the chocs cake.. nampak mcm sodap.. dan memang sodap pon kan leli kankankan:D.. pon atfirst ade initial H&L.. tapi dah dipotong olih spear.. spear? pisaubelati tuhuhu]

4. presentationi have a presentation to the school's board and industrial-visitors on wednesday-the-16th... and im the 1st person to present.. yaAllahhh festaim jadik 1st person.. huhuuu sgt menggelabah

5. shehad met face-to-face with her with an hour of yadades-chats.. but, she cant recognise my picture.. and she said: "wow! awek baru".. :-s.. isnt it transparent enuff??
[who is she? rahsia]

**pssttt.. did i ever mention how i wish that i'd lost my mind someday.. so i cant remember eniting about me.. only things i really love that i can remember.. suchs: my family.. my fav songs.. my favs foods.. my fav frens.. my fav guy in life.. duhh.. out of reach~

mood of the moment:hnm.. i missed samtin.. and i donno why.. i missed somebody and i donno why.. i was scared
song of the moment: coldplay- in my place
i wanna be: an invisibel-girl...

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