Tuesday, October 05, 2004

**she will be love** [london 1.0]

1st of all..an announcement:
i've moved all pix from the textamerica.com to my new galleryplace which is at:
feel free to jejengok ek..i'll update..:d...
[dah lame bukak fotopages nih tapi mcm tak user frenly compared to textamerica..tapi skang..textamerica plak wat hall...haross kembali kepade fotopages inin..:D]

the 2nd thing is....at last..i had a subject that i like to go to everyweek..
not the lecture la that i finally like..but the subject got lab-work to attend to..thats wat i like..
so..its a 3-hours-lab-session [3hours again??]
its samtin drawing..using ads-CAD..very much different from those autoCAD..samtin like pspice/matlab ek..
tapi..halaa..samtin to do with drawing tak kesah apepe..i wont get bored..
the lab end at 1pm but i want to stay there..apela kebodoh?
i like autocad since the day i was intoduced to it..:D
even during my working-days..i like to go to the draughter's place and help him with the autocad..and my boss will like.."has1fah..yu want to become an engineer or a draughter..kam ere i have work for you..~"..halaa...dengki!~
and the draughter will like..:"che pah..jom a kite tuka keje..ko lukis..aku kua g site.."
which i hate much..malas siot nak gi site..especially time2 nak dudok je sakek perot ke apeke ek..
i admit..mmg bes a dpt jenjalan n ngular all that..but..after that..i'll get tired and i cant really have the sweetest sleep at night..watevaa~

ok..the 3rd thing..
i went to london last saturday..
but the time is so little we didnt circle all around london..
but i finally went to the london bridge is folin don folin don folin don..huyehhh..
seriyesli..takbes ponlondon bridge tuh..yg bes is the tower bridge..
here's some pix..[which were definitely inside the fotopages..tapi nak gak letak >:P]
from left: pidah n me,me at the towerbrdge,me n husna at piccadilly, me n husna at charing cross tren-st, me at london eye, and lastly husna n me at the willy'skeapetahname kedai jual jersy2 murah2 tapi tatau nak beli ape ek?

and the final thing is a bit menyampah n gedik but i want to expres:
awakkk..sayanggg awakkkkk:((

mood of the moment:i was so sad..i didnt mean what i post in my group..awakkk..soriii sgtsgtsgt:((
song of the moment:sheila on 7 - buat aku tersenyum..[apsal??]
i wanna be:superduper intelligent with the strongest memory

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